Strategic Initiatives

In 1998 we issued a visionary plan to "build the great law school for the changing world." The Strategic Plan grew out of a two-year planning process chaired by faculty members and involved students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It represented a realistic assessment of trends in the legal profession, a critical analysis of the Law School's strengths and weaknesses, and a blueprint for leveraging the strengths to distinguish Northwestern from the competition.

Bold and ambitious, the plan's overarching goal was to "empower our graduates to adapt to and master the challenges of the changing world better than those of any other law school." As the world continues to change, we, in response, continue to sharpen our analysis of the market and alter or expand our strategic initiatives.

Our newest endeavor, Plan 2008: Preparing Great Leaders for the Changing World, updates, expands, and improves upon portions of the 1998 plan. The proposals of Plan 2008 aim to ensure that our graduates are better prepared for multi-job career success than those from any other top tier law school.

As with our strategic plan, Plan 2008 was developed by a Working Group comprising faculty, students, alumni, and staff. The Working Group makes certain that our plans and programs remain relevant in the ever-changing marketplace.

We expect members of our extended community to hold us accountable for the decisions we have made in formulating and implementing the plan, and we expect to benefit from criticism and advice, as we have in the past. The two plans and related articles that can be found here demonstrate our commitment to accountability.

Plan 2008: Preparing Great Leaders for the Changing World (pdf)

Plan 2008 Executive Summary (pdf)

The Strategic Plan: Building the Great Law School (pdf)