V. Engaging Our Alumni Community

Engaging Our Alumni Community

We will create an unparalleled alumni program and support network that connects the success of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law students with alumni, an alumni program built on the premise that a Northwestern Law education and the Northwestern Law Difference continues long after graduation. We seek to develop an alumni program based on a philosophy of providing lifelong engagement, lifelong learning, and lifelong support — in other words to make Northwestern the law school for life.

We seek to fundamentally enrich and augment what it means to be a Northwestern Law alumnus so that all alumni, current and prospective students, professionals in the legal and business sector, members of the judiciary and civic leaders inherently know that being a Northwestern Law alumnus infers a unique prestige, stature, and dependability.

It will be commonly recognized that Northwestern Law graduates receive an exceptional legal education, have access to a network of highly successful alumni that help each other achieve professional and personal goals, are part of a tradition of like-minded people who believe that they have a responsibility to use their legal education and skills to champion justice, peace, and equality in their own communities and throughout the world, and are deeply committed to their alma mater.

We aspire to create a culture where the success of Northwestern Law students and alumni are organically and inextricably connected. When this happens we will see that:

  • Students will be able to count on alumni to help secure jobs in the legal, business, and nonprofit sectors because our alumni are so invested in our community and impressed with the caliber of our students and graduates, they will desire to assist students and graduates with job searches;
  • Alumni interviewers will continue to imbue future graduates with the tradition of pride, loyalty, success, and commitment that is part of being a Northwestern Law alumnus;
  • Alumni will be able to count on their Law School to provide ongoing career support, a menu of frequent career-enhancing programs, and continuing education opportunities;
  • Students and alumni will strengthen their networks by engaging with each other through a network of alumni clubs and alumni programming throughout the world;
  • Students and alumni will direct their philanthropy to their alma mater because they know that supporting annual giving and investing in the long-term needs of the school makes the law school stronger for current students and ultimately increases the value of their degree;
  • Alumni will continue to engage with the Northwestern Law Community after graduating because doing so is a dynamic, relevant, and interactive experience, and because it continues to bring educational and professional value to their life and career;
  • Employers will know that Northwestern Law graduates, of any vintage, are a worthy investment and they will come to expect that these alumni continually bring more to the table right off the bat and over the long haul than alumni of other, even more highly ranked, elite law schools.

We will develop a tradition of alumni and student involvement that reflects the shared experience of a Northwestern Law education. It will be about giving back and giving forward to the people who are a part of this prestigious, tightknit community. Developing such a student/alumni culture will take time, but the eventual payoff will yield benefits for past, present, and future Northwestern Law alumni. It will be yet another way the Northwestern Law Difference clearly distinguishes our alumni from those of any other law school.

Progress on Engaging Our Alumni Community Initiatives