Advertising Policies

Internal Groups

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law offers student organizations and University departments opportunities to advertise their events at various locations throughout the Law School, including the Atrium, Career Center corridor, Student Affairs hall, and the Superior entrance, to name a few.

Posters and Flyers
Before posting flyers about your event around the Law School, you must have confirmation of your room request and have the event posted on the Law School Calendar. Only sanctioned Law School groups are permitted to post flyers and advertise within the Law School community, and only on designated bulletin boards.

Student representatives promoting products/services on behalf of an organization must adhere to the advertising requirements described in the section below for external groups.

Advertising via web-based listservs is limited to internal Law School event promotion only. No organization, whether University or student group-sanctioned, may utilize facilities and/or space for "commercial" activity without approval from Firm and Corporate Relations and/or Facilities Management.

Firm and Corporate Relations at (312) 503-8457
Facilities Management at (312) 503-8463

More information may be found in the Event Planning Guide.

External Groups

Advertisement and Rental Rates
Outside groups and vendors interested in space rental and/or advertising at the Law School should contact Facilities Management at (312) 503-8463.

Outside groups and vendors doing business with the Law School should follow these guidelines:

  • Advertising may take place only at approved table locations in the Atrium during agreed upon dates/times.
  • Space rental does not guarantee advertising privileges. Advertisement space/privileges are negotiated during rental process, either as part of space rental or as a fixed advertising package.
  • Advertisements and/or posters will not be allowed outside of designated areas.

All commercial advertising and/or posters of any kind must obtain an approval stamp from Facilities Management or will be removed.

Outside groups and vendors requesting advertising, sales, or solicitation privileges but not doing business with the Law School must have approval from Facilities Management and/or Firm and Corporate Relations.

Firm and Corporate Relations at (312) 503-8457
Facilities Management at (312) 503-8463