Photo Requests

We often post photos from various Northwestern Law events on the web or include them in marketing materials and/or newsletters.

To request a photographer for your event as well as copies of event photos, contact the Marketing and Communications department.

Photo Release Form

All photographers taking photos on University property or at University events must obtain a signed release form (pdf) from any student, faculty, staff person, or member of the public who is visibly recognizable in the photograph. Crowd scenes where no single person is dominantly featured are exempt.

These rules govern photographs intended for use in any University publication or website of a marketing or public relations nature, such as newsletters, brochures, viewbooks, promotional items, or other such material. Releases also must be obtained for photographs used on the web.

Photos of faculty, staff, and students from the online photo directory may be used on password-protected Northwestern Law websites without written consent, but release forms are required for all other uses, including print and electronic publications and flyers.