Event Publicity

Often the success of an event can be attributed to good planning and successful publicity efforts that take place before the event. Below are some guidelines about how to best publicize your event to increase awareness and attendance and make sure the event accurately represents Northwestern Law and any other sponsors.

Please notify the Marketing and Communications department before you agree to be a co-host or sponsor and begin organizing or publicizing any events for outside organizations or groups.

Before the Event

Law School Calendar
Before creating or requesting any other publicity materials you must first post your event on the Law School Calendar. Visit the Submit an Event page for instructions as well as a list of additional places your event will appear following approval. 

Listserv e-mails
You can use the Northwestern Law listservs to publicize your event to internal audiences.

  • No broadcast e-mail should be sent until the event has been posted on the Law Calendar.
  • Broadcast e-mails are limited to one per event/announcement.
  • Any broadcast e-mail sent by faculty or staff should include the Northwestern Law banner. For information about how to incorporate the banner contact the Communications Department, law-communications@law.northwestern.edu.

News Releases
News releases are used to publicize announcements or events to a wider audience outside the Law School. Please contact the Communications Department at law-communications@law.northwestern.edu to request a news release about your event or announcement.

Northwestern Law Stationery and Letterhead
Stationery with the Northwestern Law logo and letterhead can be used to create simple publicity materials such as letters, invitations, flyers, schedules, etc. You can obtain reams of stationery from the Copy Center. You must explain to them that you want Northwestern Law letterhead. If you only say only letterhead they will tell you that they do not have any.

AALS Mailing Labels
If you have worked with the Publications team to create a publicity publication (such as a brochure, save-the-date cards, invitations, etc.), and your target audience is academics at other law schools, you may want to order mailing labels from the AALS. Please visit the AALS Web site if you are interested in sending publicity materials to any law professors.

Posting Flyers and Posters
Flyers and posters announcing Law School-specific events can be placed in mailboxes or posted on bulletin boards or easels around the Law School. Remember to remove flyers after the event has ended.

Atrium Banners
Banners can be used to recognize outside sponsors and to publicize events. To request a large banner with the Northwestern Law logo to hang from the Atrium walkway, contact the Marketing and Communications department.

Request a Photographer
We often post photos from various Northwestern Law events on the web or include them in marketing materials and/or newsletters. To request a photographer for your event, contact the Marketing and Communications department.

Day of the Event

Easel Signs
Special event easel signs can be obtained from the Administrative Services office. Easels include plastic sleeves that can hold 8.5" x 11" fliers. Print information about your event on a regular sheet of paper and insert it into the sleeve. Signs should be placed at entrances to the Law School and/or in front of the room where the event is taking place.

Name Tags
Name tag badges with the Northwestern Law logo can be obtained for any Law School event. Contact the Marketing and Communications department to obtain sheets of the name tags and instructions about their use. Sticky name badges are available through the Copy Center.

Name Tents
When organizing an event where panelists will be speaking it is important to provide easily visible name tents so that your audience can identify speakers. You can download the standard name tent template from our Template page.

More information
For more information about publicity materials that are not included here, please contact the Marketing & Communications team at law-communications@law.northwestern.edu.