PowerPoint Presentations

Any internal or external PowerPoint presentation by departments and faculty should use one of the official Northwestern Pritzker School of Law PowerPoint templates.

The following templates are available for use on standard 4:3 aspect ratio projectors (non-widescreen):

The following templates are available for use on widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio (1080p / 1920 x 1080 px) projectors:

Name Tags

Name tag badges with the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law logo can be obtained for any Law School event. Paper names badges and sticky name tags are both available through the Copy Center in the Searle building.

When the logo name tag badges are used, they must follow the style below:

Clip Style Name Badge: Avery 74536
Name: 30 pt Arial Bold
Title: 22 pt Arial Bold 

Sticker Name Badge: Avery 5395
Name: 24 pt Arial Bold
Title: 16 pt Arial Bold

Important Guidelines

  • Do not change the font type or color
  • Adjust font size as needed only to fit information
  • Do not include clip art or any other graphics on the name tag
  • Use the title "Professor" when making name tags for any professor regardless of whether he/she is an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Visiting Professor, or Senior Lecturer
  • Use only the title "Dean and Harold Washington Professor" when creating a name tag for the Dean

Name Tents

When organizing an event where panelists will be speaking it is important to provide easily visible name tents so that your audience can identify speakers. If your department frequently hosts a number of events, we recommend the you purchase a supply reusable acrylic, v-style name tent holders.

Download the standard template to use with the acrylic name tent holders (ppt).