Nine Students Receive Book Awards

October 24, 2014

Nine Northwestern Law students received Arlyn Miner Book Awards this fall in recognition of their excellence in persuasive writing during the first-year Communications and Legal Reasoning course.

The 2014 award winners were Leah Rizkallah (JD ’16), Kelly Mennemeier (JD ’16), William Gohl (JD ’16), Kyle Roche  (JD ’16), Kevin McClelland  (JD ’16), Brenna Helppie-Schmeider (JD ’16), Megan Stride  (JD ’16), Jeffrey Wysong  (JD ’16), and Ross Corbett (JD ’15). They received copies of Reflections on Judging, by Richard Posner, an examination of the way judges write, with insights into their decision making and processes.  

The Communication and Legal Reasoning faculty determine the award recipients, choosing the student from each course section who has written the best combination of assignments.

Judd and Linda Miner continue to support the book awards, which were established by Judd’s mother, Judith S. Miner, in 1985 in memory of her daughter. The Miner family also sponsors the second-year Julius Miner Moot Court Competition and the first-year, noncompetitive Arlyn Miner Moot Court each spring.