Enrolled Accelerated JD students will begin their coursework on campus in May. During their first semester, students will enroll in four traditional first-year doctrinal courses*, a professional skills course, and Communication and Legal Reasoning I. During the first fall and spring semesters, students will complete the remaining first-year required courses.

During the final two semesters students must complete the remainder of their graduation requirements, including a perspective elective, a legal ethics elective, the writing requirement, and any other required courses as may be determined by the faculty from time to time. The remainder of the courses will be elective.

Although AJD students will have their own sections of the required first-year doctrinal courses, they will be integrated into the full student body in the other required courses.

At some point following the first semester, AJD students will be invited by the journal editors to participate in the journal competition and will be treated as write-on candidates.

*The curve shall apply to sections of courses limited in enrollment to students in the Accelerated JD program where the average enrollment for all other sections of those courses exceeds 40.

Please note: All Law School policies are subject to change without notice.