Tuition and Financial Aid

Northwestern Law prices tuition by the degree pursued rather than the length of enrollment. Therefore, tuition for the Accelerated JD Program is pro-rated to equal the same total cost as the traditional three-year JD Program. Each term will cost approximately 1 1/5 of the three-year amount. Students in this program benefit financially by securing the opportunity cost associated with re-entering the workforce a year sooner and by foregoing one semester of education-related living expenses. Please note that Accelerated JD students will be billed tuition in their initial Summer, Fall and Spring terms. They will not be billed tuition in their following second Summer term. Billing will resume for their following second Fall and Spring terms.

The deadline to submit a financial aid application is February 15. To be eligible for scholarships and grants, applicants must complete a financial aid application for the entering summer term. A second financial aid application will be necessary for the subsequent fall and spring terms for loan funding.

The financial aid application consists of completing a Need Access application and a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), using school code 001739; however, applicants should review the instructions, which provide detailed steps and forms to submit.

Funding is awarded on a combination of merit and need-based factors. Individuals will be notified of scholarships and grants after an admission offer has been extended.

Both the online Need Access application and the FAFSA can be completed using estimated figures in order to meet the February 15 deadline. However, in order to determine loan eligibility, applicants will also need to submit federal tax returns and W-2s. Applicants should review the instructions to clarify which necessary tax forms will need to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Individuals will be notified of loan eligibility prior to the March 15 tuition deposit deadline.