Local Gov Practice: Land Dev

This practice-based seminar course will provide an in-depth examination of the inner workings of local governments and the parties that interact with local governments as part of the land development process. It will review both legal requirements and strategic elements for all of the various players (e.g., hearing bodies, corporate authorities, developers, neighboring property owners, advocacy groups, related governmental districts and authorities) who may be engaged in a land use proceeding. The course will also review some of the tools of development (e.g., annexation, annexation agreements, zoning, planned developments, subdivision, economic incentives, intergovernmental agreements) and strategies for action outside of the municipal process (e.g., land use litigation and other agency review). The course will use as a tool for presenting these concepts the setting of a village board meeting to provide a practical and interactive perspective with some role-playing to complement the course book and related readings. This course is designed for any student with an interest in the practice of land use and interactions with local governments. It will focus on the practical aspects of representing local governments as well as representing those who appear before, or seek relief from, local governments. The course instructors are partners in the local government and land use area at the law firm of Holland & Knight, who have previously taught with the late Professor Dawn Clark Netsch and who provide real-time experiences of representing, and appearing before, local city councils and village boards. Evaluation Method: There will be a final seminar paper. Grades will be based on such paper and class participation. Class Materials: Madelker, Netsch et al., State and Local Government in a Federal System (7th Ed.)[ISBN 978-1-4224-7770-0]; Babcock, The Zoning Game [ISBN 0-299-04094-1]; Babcock and Siemon, The Zoning Game Revisited [ISBN 1-55844-116-6]; assorted articles.

Catalog Number: CONPUB 728

Course History

Spring 2014
Title: Local Gov Practice: Land Dev
Faculty: Filippini, Victor Peter
Elrod, Steven M
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 14