Intellectual Property Strategy: Domestic and Global Perspectives

In addition to understanding of the law and statutory requirements, what is needed to formulate a successful business strategy is knowledge of and insight into the critical factors that affect the process of strategy implementation. One such critical factor is the leveraging of organization's Intellectual Property assets. The focal point of this seminar is to understand Intellectual Capital as a Corporate Strategy Resource. The seminar will first develop a logical legal model of key Intellectual Property implementation activities and then culminate in a role play of a board of directors meeting where real time decisions affecting the future viability of multiple companies plays out. Participating as proxy business executives will help you understand how your future clients make the all-important decisions in the strategy implementation process. Upon completion of this seminar, you will be better able to identify the management and planning decisions that affect client's intellectual capital decisions. The program will also present a model of applied change so that the future attorney will understand the context in which management decisions are being made. OBJECTIVES - Understand The Legal and Business Foundations Of Licensing - Understand Licensing In Corporate Environments -Understand Technology Transfers And Licensing Negotiations - Be Exposed To Different Types Of Agreements And Their Substance - Put All Of The Above In Both Domestic And Global Perspectives -To Role Play What Must Then Be Done To Manage IP Effectively -Actively Engagement In A Different Perspective On The Law CURRICULUM & PEDAGOGICAL METHOD The Intellectual Property Strategy, Domestic and Global Perspectives seminar will use a variety of instructional methods including readings, case studies, visiting lecturer/discussion, and group exercises to analyze issues of importance to executives (and their close advisors) who are responsible for Intellectual Property strategy implementation. Instructional materials include both domestic and global insights and emphasize a high-level strategic orientation. Specific attention is given to actual pragmatic lessons learned from both attorney and business practitioners. Enrollment in the seminar may be for either two or three credit hours. Evaluation: Students will be graded on course participation and performance in role-playing; for those students wishing to extend course credit from two to three hours, an additional paper will be required. The seminar will run through the first ten weeks of the semester, with each class being 2 hours 20 minutes. Prerequisites: Property

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Spring 2012
Title: Intellectual Property Strategy
Section: 1     Type: Seminar     Credits: 3.0
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