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European Business Law

The course examines the legal standards that international business is held to at the Community and state level when operating in the European Union. Students review European Union law and corporate law in key European markets, as well as the complex relationship between European and domestic law within the EU. Areas of law that will be addressed include: competition and antitrust law; corporate law, including the right of establishment and recent developments in company law harmonization within the EU; E-Commerce; the internal market, including freedom of movement of goods, services, capital, and labour; common commercial policy (external trade); consumer law; general concepts of European administrative law, e.g., sources of European law, jurisdiction of European courts; and selected aspects of comparative company law with particular focus on Germany, Italy, and France. The course aims to give international lawyers the tools to provide legal counsel to international business clients mastering the different levels of laws involved in a European context, understand the complex relations between legal systems, and resolve existing conflicts in the best of interest of their corporate clients. Course materials: The course uses a major textbook for course instruction; supplementary materials will be made available on Blackboard in order to capture recent developments in EU legislation and EU case law. Evaluation: Students are required to write a 20-page research paper and to make a presentation of their research to the class. Guest speakers from Europe occasionally may appear by video conference in the classroom.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 612

Course History

Spring 2012
Title: European Business Law
Section: 1     Type: Seminar     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 0