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Contracts II: UCC Article 2 (Sales Law)

This course provides a practical approach to understanding the law of sales embodied in Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. The course covers the formation of sales contracts (including offer and acceptance, rejection, revocation, the terms of sales contracts, the statute of frauds, and the "battle of the forms). We also analyze who suffers the risk of loss when goods are destroyed, express and implied warranties, disclaimers of warranties, and the buyers' and sellers' remedies for breach. Method of Evaluation: Final examination This course is a distance course, taught entirely on-line; physical presence at the Law School is not required. NOTE the following rules for distance courses: -You may not enroll in more than one distance course in any term, including the summer term. -You may earn no more than 12 credits in distance courses towards the JD degree

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 605D
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Summer 2011
Title: Commercial Law: Sales Law
Faculty: Tiller, Emerson H. (courses  |  homepage)
Section: 1     Type: Lecture     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 40     Actual: 38