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Environmental Appellate Advocacy Workshop

This class will introduce students to the challenges and opportunities of appellate advocacy in a highly technical field. Working closely with Environmental Nonprofit Organizations, students will craft amici and other briefs in some of the most interesting and contentious environmental cases today. The course will explore how to navigate complex statutes and regulations, how to make cogent plain language arguments despite the statutory and regulatory complexity, how to present scientific and statistical information to a lay audience, and the role of policy arguments in a statute- and science-driven field. Registration Requirements: There are no prerequisites, but Environmental Law is recommended. Evaluation Method: Grading will be based on a combination of class participation (25 percent, which includes participation in class, weekly meetings with the instructors, and meetings with clients) and the final brief. The briefs will be complex, and students will be expected to spend 12-15 hours per week, outside of class, working on them. Class Materials: Readings will be supplied by the instructors prior to the first class.

Catalog Number: PPTYTORT 609

Course History

Spring 2015
Title: Environmental Appellate Advocacy Workshop
Faculty: Dana, David A. (courses | profile)
Barsa, Michael R. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 4.0
Capacity: 15     Actual: 4