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Practicum: Public Service

The goal of this Practicum is to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of issues faced by attorneys practicing in non-profit and government settings. The assigned readings cover a variety of topics related to public service law practice. Students participate in a weekly seminar where they discuss the readings and their work at the placement agency. In addition, students spend a minimum of 180 hours during the summer in an externship with a non-profit public interest legal organization or government agency of their choosing in the Chicago area The externship must start no later than the first week of June and last for a minimum of six weeks (ideally eight weeks or longer). Students must be doing legal work supervised by an attorney. All rising second and third year students who have a qualified unpaid placement are eligible to participate in the Public Service Practicum. Students are responsible for finding their own externships and must have secured an externship in order to enroll in the class. Each externship placement must be approved by the professor teaching the course. The class will begin in May and meet weekly through early August. This section of the Practicum is a distance course, taught on-line in a primarily synchronous manner. In addition to the weekly online classes from May through early August, the class will meet in person several times before the summer break and again in August. NOTE the following rules for distance courses: -You may not enroll in more than one distance course in any term, including the summer term. -You may earn no more than 12 credits in distance courses towards the JD degree. Registration Requirements: Students must get the faculty member's permission to enroll in the class once they have accepted an unpaid externship with a non-profit or government agency doing legal work supervised by a lawyer. Students may not receive any payment from any source for the externship. Students may take the Public Service Practicum only once; students who have previously taken the Summer Public Interest Practicum may not enroll. Evaluation Methods Students will keep reflective journals about their externship and issues covered in the class. Students will be evaluated based on their journals, class attendance and participation, and a final paper or presentation. Class Materials Course materials will be provided on Blackboard.

Catalog Number: CONPUB 729D

Course History

Summer 2016
Title: Practicum: Public Service
Faculty: Calhan, Greger B
Section: 1     Credits: 4.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 3