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Monetizing Patents: Fundamentals of Patent Assertion

Patents are an emerging asset class that are the foundation for innovation in the U.S. and throughout the world. As our economy has shifted from being predominantly product-based, to service-based, to now knowledge-based, patents have increased in significance and importance ¿ to the point of being referred to as "the currency of the modern economy.¿ Patent Monetization is a general term used to describe the generation of revenue from a patented invention. Patent Assertion is a specialized subset of Patent Monetization, where the patent owner seeks to derive revenue from the unauthorized use of his/her patented invention. This course will cover the fundamentals of patent assertion including: patent basics (what is a patent and what is patentable subject matter); patent evaluation (validity and infringement); patent assertion strategies; patent litigation; and patent assertion licensing. Students will work with an issued United States Patent and be asked to analyze prior art, identify potential infringers, formulate a patent assertion strategy, and take part in a mock patent license negotiation.

Catalog Number: INTPROP 960-0

Course History

Spring 2016
Title: Monetizing Patents: Fundamentals of Patent Assertion
Faculty: Berman, Robert A
Section: 1     Credits: 1.0
Capacity: 24     Actual: 10