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The Law and Practice of Land Development: Working on a Project in Chicago

This practical seminar will combine class discussion with actual work on a major real estate project. Our goal is to gain an understanding of real estate development both through a discussion of the law, its background, and current trends, and through actual work on development as it is taking place now in Chicago. The relevant project on which we will draw for practical experience is the redevelopment of the Cook County (Stroger) Hospital (decided by the Cook County Board of Commissioners in the spring of 2014). One of the largest development projects to be undertaken in the city over the past few years, the project will transform a site of ten acres held by the Cook County Hospital. The project will include a new hospital, medical office buildings, other major commercial and retail structures, open spaces, and more. The seminar will combine work on the specific project with a discussion of real estate development in a major city such as Chicago in the early 21st century. In class meetings we will discuss issues and readings dealing with the general issues of land development, as well as the specific project at hand. The students will also do work on the project for the county. Such work may involve real estate transactional work (surveys, negotiations with other parties, financing, etc.) and the land use and zoning process (i.e., preparing the plan, interacting with relevant government authorities and community stakeholders, including issues pertaining to the historic landmark status of the old hospital). Grading will be based on participation as well as a limited number of brief response papers addressing either the readings or the student's work on the project. For more information on the project at the heart of the seminar, "The Cook County Hospital Strategic Redevelopment", see, for example: Note:Property is a pre-requisite for this course.

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Spring 2015
Title: The Law and Practice of Land Development: Working on a Project in Chicago
Faculty: Shoked, Nadav (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 20     Actual: 20