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Visual Communication

This full day workshop addresses questions relating to using visual communication tools to improve work performance. What are the basic building blocks of “storytelling” and why are organizations identifying it as a core leadership skill? What can we learn from engaging TED Talks that will improve our everyday communication? How do we think about our target audience and what they want to hear? In this hands-on class, students will learn how visual communication and graphic visualization can help professionals discover, brainstorm, prototype, communicate about, and promote ideas. We will explore how visual communication and graphic visualization can benefit teams and organizations and how these processes can be used to convey ideas to customers, co-workers, and investors in a meaningful and impactful manner. Student assessment will be based on active participation in discussion, and performance in class activities and exercises.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 956-0

Course History

Spring 2018
Title: Visual Communication
Faculty: Durand, Peter M
Section: 1     Credits: 0.5
Capacity: 30     Actual: 27