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Legal Ethics in Motion

This course is designed to bring legal ethics to life, by using hypothetical complex ethics problems that will result in a mock disciplinary proceeding, thus furthering students' study and application of Legal Ethics and enhancing students' skills in civil procedure, discovery and litigation. Students will engage as lawyers in a simulated disciplinary matter complete with discovery and motion practice while considering compliance with civil procedure and regulatory rules. The course will include assignments involving investigation of a matter in preparation for litigation, preparation of pleadings, preparation of motions and briefs, interview of witnesses, preparation of witnesses for depositions, and presentation of testimony in a trial. The course will satisfy the ABA’s experiential and the proposed professional writing requirement. This course is not intended to satisfy the ABA ethics requirement and is intended to follow an ethics course (the traditional Legal Ethics course, the ITA course, Legal Ethics for the Business Lawyer, Legal Ethics for the Global Legal Practitioner, or Legal Ethics for the Public Interest and Government Lawyer). Accordingly, students should have a basic understanding of legal ethics and ethical issues before enrolling in this course. Evaluation Method: Written exercises and oral presentations Class Materials: Professors will provide all written materials.

Catalog Number: LITARB 743
Additional Course Information: Experiential Learning

Course History

Spring 2018
Title: Legal Ethics in Motion
Faculty: Muchman, Wendy J. (courses | profile)
Foster, Mary K. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 16     Actual: 11