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Introduction to Securities Regulation

This course provides an overview of the regulation of the sale of securities under the Securities Act of 1933 ("Securities Act") and the reporting and disclosure requirements under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Exchange Act"). These subjects include the operation of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), the definition of "security," the registration of securities for public sale, the exemptions that permit sales without registration with the SEC, securities law disclosure requirements, the federal proxy rules, the anti-fraud provisions, including Rule 10b-5, and insider trading. The course is designed for a student interested in gaining a general familiarity with the basics of the federal securities laws, with a focus on issues faced by less mature companies, as well as considering the core provisions applicable to a company accessing the public market for capital and then becoming subject to the public reporting requirements applicable to publicly traded companies. The course does not address business structure and the negotiation of securities transactions. The focus, rather, is on the fundamentals of securities regulation

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 917-0
Additional Course Information: MSL students only,  Not a lottery course

Course History

Spring 2019
Title: Introduction to Securities Regulation
Faculty: Horwich, Allan (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 1.5
Capacity: 24     Actual: 10