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Business Associations ( 4-credits)

This course provides an introduction to the law that governs business associations. The course begins with the law of agency and fiduciary duties, which provides the backdrop for discussion of partnerships and then corporations. (Limited liability corporations, limited liability partnerships, and the closely held corporation fit somewhere in between.) After a discussion of partnerships, we will move on to the large, publicly traded corporation. We will explore limited liability, the ultra vires doctrine, and problems of incorporation, which when taken together might loosely be considered "the corporation and its dealings with outsiders." Then we will explore board structure, shareholder voting rules, the fiduciary duties of managers, and corporate control transactions (including takeovers. There will be a brief discussion/overview of pertinent federal securities law regulation. The class is designed to provide students with a foundation in the common law and state statutory systems that regulate business organizations as well as the important issues of policy that surround this regulation. The course is particularly appropriate for students who intend to take related classes, such as securities regulation, corporate finance, corporate tax, and more specialized offerings. Students who have taken Corporations may not take Business Associations. For Mr. Horwich, Fall, 2010: Texts: Klein et al., Business Associations (7th ed. 2009) and Case Supplement (2010). The accompanying statutory supplement is not required. Relevant statutes are in the text, can be found on the Internet or will be provided on the Blackboard. Evaluation: Open book final examination, attendance, and class participation

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 601
Practice Areas: Business, Corporate,Trans Area
Additional Course Information: Open to First Year Students,  Required for Business Concentrion

Course History

Spring 2012
Title: Business Associations
Section: 1     Type: Lecture     Credits: 4.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 0

Fall 2011
Title: Business Associations
Faculty: Horwich, Allan (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Type: Lecture     Credits: 4.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 57