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Introduction to Health Law

This is a survey course of the health law issues and principles that health care lawyers are likely to encounter in their professional careers. An important focus of the course is the role of law in promoting healthcare quality, accountability, access and efficiency. Prodded by the call to deliver value-based care and changes in reimbursement, hospitals now routinely engage in contracting, joint venturing (such as forming accountable care organizations), and employing physicians. Associated with these changing relationships are governing legal principles that will be explored in this course. The law regulates quality in healthcare delivery mostly through a state system of licensure and through common law principles that compensate patients for certain harms. Thus, we will discuss licensure regulation and the tort liability of healthcare professionals and organizations. Because most hospitals are not- for- profit and enjoy a tax exempt status, we will cover the tax rules for maintaining that status. Also, healthcare providers rely on government reimbursement and students will learn the fraud and abuse rules that police the integrity of that reimbursement. The United States has expanded access to health care through Affordable Care Act public programs that this course explores. However, healthcare reform largely relies upon consumer choice and private competitive provider and health insurer markets. Accordingly, we will discuss antitrust in healthcare and students will learn about the ways antitrust is applied to preserve competition. Finally, the law regulates clinical research, medical records and patient confidentiality, and decisions about death and dying. These matters too will be discussed in the course. The course utilizes a casebook entitled Health Law, 7th Edition, by Furrow, et al. This course is co-listed by the Kellogg School of Management as HIMT 451-0. The class is ten weeks in duration for MBA candidates. This class will meet for 13 weeks; following the law school schedule.

Catalog Number: PPTYTORT 675
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Fall 2014
Title: Introduction to Health Law
Faculty: Allen, Henry S. (courses | profile)
Rooney, Megan R. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 19