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Fall 2018 Courses

A New World Order: the Role of the United Nations in Advancing the Rule of Law and Human Rights
Accounting for Decision-Making
Administrative Law
Adv Legal Reasoning: Crim Law
Advanced Contracts
Advanced Legal Research
Advanced Legal Writing
Advanced Research and Writing on Tax Issues
AI and Legal Reasoning
American Legal Studies:Civ Pro
American Legal Studies:Con Law
Antitrust Law
Arbitration in the U.S.
Basic Federal Income Taxation
Basics of Contract Drafting
Bioethics and the Law
Business Analytics
Business Associations (3-credits)
Business Associations in Compa
Business Formation & Structure
Business Strategy
Business Strategy & Frameworks
Business Torts
Business, Gov. & Public Policy
Civil Procedure
Civil Rights Litigation
Clinic Practice: Center for Criminal Defense
Clinic Practice: Center on Wrongful Convictions
Clinic Practice: Criminal Defense - The Death Penalty
Clinic Practice: Environmental Advocacy
Clinic Practice: Federal Criminal Appellate Practice
Clinic Practice: Immigration Law
Clinic Practice: The United States Supreme Court
Clinic Practice: Wrongful Convictions and Juvenile Justice
Clinic Practice: Civil Litigation
Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
Clinic: Civil Rights Litigation
Clinic: Entrepreneurship Law Center
Clinic: International Human Rights Advocacy
Clinic: Int'l Human Rights
Clinic: Juvenile Justice/ Criminal Trials and Appeals/PreTrial Representation
Clinic:Juvenile Justice: Post-Sentencing Advocacy and Reform
Clinic:Juvenile Justice: Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Dispositional Advocacy
Colloquium: Intl Human Rights
Colloquium: Law and Economics
Colloquium: Tax
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
Commercial Real Estate Finance: Debt and Equity Considerations in Real Estate Transactions
Common Law Reasoning
Communication & Legal Reasoning
Conflict Mgmt in Lgl Practice
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Crim Procedure
Contemp Prob in Complex Lit
Contract Law
Contract Law & Design
Contracts (LLM)
Contracts II: UCC Article 2
Copyright Law
Corp. Restructuring: Workouts
Corporate Criminal Law
Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
Corporate Taxation (LLM Tax)
Criminal Law
Criminal RICO Prosecutions:
Criminal Trial Practice
Cross-Border Transactions
Data Privacy Management
Design Law
Design Thinking I: Discovery and Invention
Discrimination Law
Dispute Resolution in Sports
Economics and the Environment
Election Law
Employment Law
Entrepreneurial Finance and VC
Entrepreneurship Lab: Part I
Entrepreneurship Law
Entrepreneurship Law
Estate and Gift Tax
Estates and Trusts
Estates, Trusts and Gifts
Ethics & Law in STEM-Related
Evidence (ITA)
Executive Comp & Emp Benefits
Family Law
Federal Jurisdiction
Feminist Jurisprudence
Forensic Science
History of Economic Regulation
Human Rights Advocacy
Immigration Law
In-House Counsel: Modern Corps
Innov. Diffuses in Legal Indus
Innovation Theory & Patent Law
Insider Trading
Intellectual Property Litigation
International HR Law: Differing Perspectives, Europe, the Americas, US
International Human Rights Law
International Taxation
International Team Project
International Team Project
Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements
Investment Banking
IP Fundamentals
JDPhD Workshop
Law of Real Estate
Law Scholars Program
Law, Advocacy & Public Persuas
Lawyer Memoirs
Leadership Communication
Leg. Ethics in Global Leg Prac
Legal & Regulatory Process
Legal Ethics
Legal Ethics (ITA)
Legal Ethics for Bus. Lawyers
Legal Scholarship Workshop
Legal&Reg Issues: Emerging Ind
Lit Operations & eDiscovery
Mediation and Advocacy
Medical Innovation I
Natural Resources
Negotiation Skills & Strategies
Partnership Tax
Patent Law
Patent Law
Practicum: Civil Government
Practicum: Judicial
Practicum: Public Interest
Practicum: Corporate Counsel
Practicum: Criminal Law
Pre-Trial Advocacy
Prisons and Prisoners' Rights
Property Taxation
Public Persuasion
Quant Reasoning in the Law
Race, Social Science, and the Law
Refugees and Asylum
Regulation: Env. and Energy
Regulatory Strategy & Communication
Research in Law, Bus., & Tech
Restorative Justice Seminar
S Corporations
Securities Regulation
St Tran:Financial Institutions
State & Local Taxation
Strategy of Litigation
Struct Trans: Environ Law
Structuring: Venture Capital
Tax Exempt Organizations
Tax Procedure
Tort and Products Liability
Trade Secrets Seminar
Trial Advocacy ITA
Trial Advocacy ITA - Intl
Trial Team I
US Companies in Foreign Market
US Transfer Pricing
Value-Based Decision Making
Violence Reduction & Change
Writing for the Court