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Fall 2018 Courses

A New World Order: the Role of the United Nations in Advancing the Rule of Law and Human Rights
Accounting for Decision-Making
Administrative Law
Adv Legal Reasoning: Crim Law
Advanced Contracts
Advanced Legal Research
Advanced Legal Writing
Advanced Research and Writing on Tax Issues
AI and Legal Reasoning
American Legal Studies:Civ Pro
American Legal Studies:Con Law
Antitrust Law
Arbitration in the U.S.
Basic Federal Income Taxation
Basics of Contract Drafting
Bioethics and the Law
Business Analytics
Business Associations
Business Associations in Compa
Business Formation & Structure
Business Strategy
Business Strategy & Frameworks
Business Torts
Business, Gov. & Public Policy
Civil Procedure
Civil Rights Litigation
Clinic Practice: Center for Criminal Defense
Clinic Practice: Center on Wrongful Convictions
Clinic Practice: Criminal Defense - The Death Penalty
Clinic Practice: Environmental Advocacy
Clinic Practice: Federal Criminal Appellate Practice
Clinic Practice: Immigration Law
Clinic Practice: Wrongful Convictions and Juvenile Justice
Clinic Practice: Civil Litigation
Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
Clinic Practice: The United States Supreme Court
Clinic: Civil Rights Litigation
Clinic: Entrepreneurship Law Center
Clinic: International Human Rights Advocacy
Clinic: International Human Rights Law and Practice
Clinic: Juvenile Justice/ Criminal Trials and Appeals/PreTrial Representation
Clinic:Juvenile Justice: Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Dispositional Advocacy
Clinic:Second Chances: Juvenile Justice: Post-Sentencing Advocacy and Reform
Colloquium: International Human Rights
Colloquium: Law and Economics
Colloquium: Tax
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
Commercial Real Estate Finance: Debt and Equity Considerations in Real Estate Transactions
Common Law Reasoning
Communication & Legal Reasoning
Conflict Mgmt in Lgl Practice
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Contemp Prob in Complex Lit
Contract Law
Contract Law & Design
Contracts (LLM)
Contracts II: UCC Article 2
Copyright Law
Corp. Restructuring: Workouts
Corporate Criminal Law
Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
Corporate Taxation (LLM Tax)
Criminal Law
Criminal RICO Prosecutions:
Criminal Trial Practice
Cross-Border Transactions
Data Privacy Management
Design Law
Design Thinking I: Discovery and Invention
Discrimination Law
Dispute Resolution in Sports
Economics and the Environment
Election Law
Employment Law
Entrepreneurial Finance and VC
Entrepreneurship Lab: Part I
Entrepreneurship Law
Entrepreneurship Law
Estate and Gift Tax
Estates and Trusts
Estates, Trusts and Gifts
Ethics & Law in STEM-Related
Evidence (ITA)
Executive Comp & Emp Benefits
Family Law
Federal Jurisdiction
Feminist Jurisprudence
Forensic Science
History of Economic Regulation
Human Rights Advocacy
Immigration Law
In-House Counsel: Modern Corps
Innov. Diffuses in Legal Indus
Innovation Theory & Patent Law
Insider Trading
Intellectual Property Fundamentals
Intellectual Property Litigation
International HR Law: Differing Perspectives, Europe, the Americas, US
International Human Rights Law
International Taxation
International Team Project
International Team Project-MSL
Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements
Investment Banking
JDPhD Workshop
Law of Real Estate
Law Scholars Program
Law, Advocacy & Public Persuas
Lawyer Memoirs
Leadership Communication
Legal & Regulatory Process
Legal Ethics
Legal Ethics (ITA)
Legal Ethics for Business Lawyers
Legal Ethics in a Global Legal Practice
Legal Scholarship Workshop
Legal&Reg Issues: Emerging Ind
Lit Operations & eDiscovery
Mediation and Advocacy
Medical Innovation I
Natural Resources
Negotiation Skills & Strategies
Partnership Tax
Patent Law
Patent Law
Practicum: Civil Government
Practicum: Judicial
Practicum: Public Interest Law
Practicum: Corporate Counsel
Practicum: Criminal Law
Pre-Trial Advocacy
Prisons and Prisoners' Rights
Property Taxation
Public Persuasion
Quant Reasoning in the Law
Race, Social Science, and the Law
Refugees and Asylum
Regulation: Env. and Energy
Regulatory Strategy & Communication
Research in Law, Business & Technology
Restorative Justice Seminar
S Corporations
Securities Regulation
St Tran:Financial Institutions
State & Local Taxation
Strategy of Litigation
Struct Trans: Environ Law
Structuring: Venture Capital
Tax Exempt Organizations
Tax Procedure
Tort and Products Liability
Trade Secrets Seminar
Trial Advocacy ITA
Trial Advocacy ITA - Intl
Trial Team I
US Companies in Foreign Market
US Transfer Pricing
Value-Based Decision Making
Violence Reduction & Change
Writing for the Court