Law, Business, and Technology

Law, Business, and Technology

In the current legal landscape, law, business and technology increasingly intersect. As a leader in curricular innovation in the Law-Business-Tech space, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law seeks to graduate students with the skills and knowledge to adapt to and influence the future of legal service.  Northwestern Law prepares students in three different areas:

  • The law of technology: Northwestern Law offers a strong foundation and deepened understanding of rising practice areas such as privacy, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrencies.

  • The technology of law: Northwestern Law provides students a greater comprehension of the technology platforms being used in legal services, such as ROSS Intelligence or Lex Machina.

  • Tech fluency: Northwestern Law provides interested students with technology skills, such as coding and software development, that set them apart from other Law School graduates.

The Law School offers a range of programs and resources in the areas of law, business and technology.

  • JD candidates can pursue the Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration, where they are exposed to coursework in innovation regulation and policy, legal practice technology, and entrepreneurship.

  • Individuals interested in a business-focused education can apply for Northwestern Law’s acclaimed 3-year JD-MBA program or opt for the Business Enterprise Concentration, which offers a structured curriculum in business-related law.

  • Second- and third-year JD students can apply to the San Francisco Immersion Program, held at Northwestern University's San Francisco Campus, where students take Law School and Kellogg courses and have the opportunity to learn on-site in startups and firms across the Bay Area. 

  • The Master of Science in Law (MSL) program is designed for STEM professionals seeking practical legal training in intellectual property and patent design, regulatory analysis and strategy, and business law and entrepreneurship. 

  • The Donald Pritzker Entrepreneurship Law Center clinical program offers students the opportunity to guide entrepreneurs through the legal issues of setting up a new business.

  • Students in all degree programs can apply to NUvention, a University-wide interdisciplinary course that teaches students how to create a viable business plan for a product or service of their own creation.

  • Students can also participate in the Innovation Lab, an interdisciplinary course designed to expose students to the innovation process. In this course, students identify a need, create a technology-based solution for that need, and develop a plan to bring that solution to market.