Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program

Senior Research Program

The Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Current Projects

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald Greenstein, Jordan Women as a Target for Reform in Tanzanian Criminal Procedure
Allen, Ronald Mathai, Anna Comparative Law: Looking at Germany for Ideas on Tanzanian Criminal Procedure Reform.
Barron, Esther Chang, Jesse Startup Partnership Structures
Bedi, Sheila Murphy, Rachel Juvenile Incarceration Reform
Bedi, Sheila Myers, Cassandra The Industrial Prison Complex and the Due Process Paradox
Biehl, Julie Sweigard, Eric Burdened for Life: The Myth of Juvenile Record Confidentiality and Expungement in Illinois.
Delaney, Erin Woodward, Whitney Policing the Partisan State
DeSanto, Jason Abrevaya, Sandra Student education records, privacy rights and potential opportunities
Diamond, Shari Kaiser, Joshua Race and Jury Selection: The Pernicious Effects of Backstrikes
DiCola, Peter Davis, Glenton When Copyright is Not Enough: Deconstructing Why, as the Modern Music Industry Takes, Musicians Continue to Make
DiCola, Peter Ebo, Adanne Is Culture Property?: Cultural Appropriation, Intellectual Property, and Policy Considerations
Fifer, Samuel Wei, William Development of the Right of Publicity, and its interaction with the First Amendment
Frakes, Michael Blatt, Eric Do Heightened Quality Incentives Improve the Quality of Patentability Decisions?: An Analysis of Trend Divergences During the Signatory Authority Review Program
Frakes, Michael Ingram, Heath Population Genomics: An Analytical Review of Past and Current International Projects, International and U.S. Law, and President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative
Gandert, Daniel Meissen, Bradley The Legality and Profitability of Public Sports Stadium Financing
Gandert, Daniel Stowe, George Fifty-Fifty Call: An Analysis of the Survivability of Major League Soccer’s Single-Entity Structure in 2015
Horwich, Allan Matheny, Caitlin Is the SEC Too Easy on the Bad Guys? - A Study of Waivers of Automatic Disqualifications and the Invocation of the Contempt Power
Kayes, Thomas Hooks, Daniel Statutory Standing and the Fair Housing Act
Kleinfeld, Joshua Simon, Richard The Role of the Transactional Attorney
Lupo, James Arenstam, Hannah A Mother of a Problem: How the Language of Inequality Affects Maternity Leave Policies and Women in Law Firms
Lutz, Karl Chang, Jesse Alternative Structures for Corporate Venture Capital
Lutz, Karl Prinzivalli, John Clarity in Business Strategy: The Merits of the Verein-Enabled Global Law Firm 
Marcus, Fred Arns, Kevin Sales and Use Tax in the E-Commerce Era: Rethinking the Physical Presence Requirement
Markell, Bruce Clements, Ginger The Taxing Path of Ackers v. Saad Investments: Recognition of Public Law Claims in International Insolvencies
Martin, Christopher Prinzivalli, John Defining Materiality: Drafting Enforceable MAC Provisions in Business Combination Agreements Following IBP v. Tyson
McGinnis, John Cipolla, Richard Ordinary Banking Through Extraordinary Technology: How to Defeat Interest Groups in Banking
McGinnis, John Roche, Kyle Bitcoin’s Potential as a Currency and the Effects of a Shift from Fiat
Peery, Destiny Ahmed, Abir Unfolding the Roles of Restorative Justice
Peery, Destiny Woods, Tania Approaches to Prostitution in the United States
Peery, Destiny Young, Sasha The Affects of Marriage on Standards of Beauty
Pfander, James Cantor, Steven Choice of Law in a Federal System
Pfander, James Formo, Wade Grupo Mexicano: Static Equity in a Fluid World
Pfander, James Helppie-Schmieder, Brenna Bivens and the Extraterritorial Constitution
Redish, Martin Gohl, William The Wandering Doctrine of Constitutional Fact
Redish, Martin Schonfeld, Gabriel State Action, Liberal Democratic Theory, and the Value of Private Choice
Redish, Martin Voils, Kyle False Speech and the First Amendment
Reed, Stephen Betts, Jennifer The Rise of Institutional Activists: Changing Power Dynamics between Shareholders and Corporations
Reed, Stephen Bleyer Cherem Cardoso, Maria Fiduciary Duties of Social Enterprises
Reed, Stephen Ray, Siddhartha Indies Go-go: the Rise of Video Game Start-ups and the Legal Challenges They Face
Sawyer, Stephen Mills, Ivory Emergent International Humanitarian Law in the Context of Cyber Warfare
Sawyer, Stephen Russell, Ming Trans-Pacific Partnership: Economic Trends in Global Trade Reform
Schwartz, David Portis, Jason An Empirical Study of Patent Infringement Trials
Shoked, Nadav Delich, Joseph Regional Approaches to School Funding
Shoked, Nadav Lazarowitz, Danielle A New School Finance Litigation Strategy: Applying Lessons from 45 Years of Inter-District School Finance Reforms to Intra-District Disparities
Shoked, Nadav Perry, William Decentralization and Distrust: An Argument in Favor of Subsidiarity
Silver, Carole Gong, Suk Bae More Local Than Ever: Impact of The 2008 Financial Crisis To The Globalization of U.S. Law Firms
Silver, Carole Park, Injune International J.D. Students: A Snapshot of their Experiences Before and During Matriculation in U.S. Law Schools
Sorensen, Juliet Seymour, Kimberly-Claire Statelessness in the Dominican Republic
Spitzer, Matthew Leach, Jamie Businesses and the Law: a Study of Non-market Pressures
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Bull, Brittany "R" is for Rapist: Scarlet Letters on College Transcripts as the New Sex Offender Registry
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Jastromb, Emily Where’s Plaintiff Going With That Injunction? Reigning In Complicity Claims To Preserve Religious Accommodation

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