Curriculum and Faculty


The curriculum has been designed specifically for international law graduates interested in learning about the law governing business in a global context. Students must complete 20 law credit hours to earn the LLM degree, and courses are scheduled on a modular basis throughout summer.

Our courses include Contracts, Business Associations (with attention to the law governing LLCs, partnerships, agency relationships and corporations), Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism, Negotiations, International Taxation, Business Bankruptcy, Corporate Criminal Law, and Intellectual Property. A new addition to the curriculum for May 2019 is a course on Strategy, which will be taught by Sarit Markovich, a professor at Kellogg School of Management. We have also moved our Ethics course to an online format to give students more flexibility.

Students who wish to apply to the California bar should enroll in a course on ethics and professional responsibility that focuses specifically on California law. This course will be offered online in the Fall of 2019 and, along with the rest of the curriculum, is designed to satisfy the requirements for bar eligibility in California.