Helene-Oriane Jeandot

Hélène-Oriane Jeandot
Trainee Lawyer
Paris, France

"Northwestern Law's LLM program undoubtedly will benefit me in my career, as I've found it to be a very serious and complete program.

My work is specialized in environmental law and when applying to big international law firms, each firm that I applied to was impressed with my plans to attend the Executive LLM program (formerly named the accelerated LLM program) at Northwestern Law. It was seen as an incredible asset, because both the school and program are so well-respected internationally. I had a choice between three accelerated LLM programs but I found that it would be advantageous to be in Chicago because it is in a central location for business and law. I also heard wonderful things from several lawyers in France, who recommended Chicago and Northwestern."

Jossi Marchelli

Jossi Marchelli
Governmental Administration for Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jakarta, Indonesia

"The LLM program has given me a wealth of knowledge about American law and has prepared me for a competitive track in my career.

I chose Northwestern Law because it is known to be one of the leaders in legal education in the United States. I've found the Executive LLM Chicago program to be very comprehensive and organized, while offering an efficient curriculum without sacrificing the quality of education. I've also learned a lot from my fellow students who offer different backgrounds and work experiences from all over the world."

Manuel Cervantes

Manuel Cervantes
Partner, Berezowsky & Cervantes, S.C.
Mexico City, Mexico

"Taking the accelerated LLM program has been one of the best professional decisions in my life.

It was a unique opportunity to advance my education at a top-ranked university and experience life in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. The summer in Chicago is lovely, and the program gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the city. The program covers what a traditional LLM offers but in a very short period of time. I recommend the program to any foreign lawyers seeking to improve their knowledge of U.S. law in a fast and practical manner."

Antonio Grillo Neto

Antonio Grillo Neto
Lawyer and Legal Consultant
Sao Paolo, Brazil

"This program was so well-organized and the professors had a special ability to make the learning process effective in such a short time.

I was continually challenged intellectually and forced to push myself to the next level. While we took in a lot of information and material in a short period of time, there was a wonderful support system at the Law School that made the whole experience manageable."