Short Course for Defense Lawyers

**Special Announcement Regarding Short Courses**

Plans for the Short Course for Defense Lawyers in Criminal Cases are currently on hold. We appreciate your patience as we develop sessions in forensics, trial techniques, and other exciting topics for today's defense attorneys.

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The following information is from the 2008 program...

51st Annual Short Course for Defense Lawyers in Criminal Cases

July 21-24, 2008 • Chicago

The Short Course helps defense attorneys:

  • Learn the latest advances in forensic science
  • Study recent developments in the law
  • Sharpen their trial techniques

The program is appropriate for defense attorneys who are in the beginning of their practice and for seasoned practitioners looking to update their practice.

Forensic Science for Attorneys
Today's trial lawyer needs a solid understanding of forensic evidence and its impact on criminal investigations. Experts will break down the science for a legal perspective. Topics for 2008 include:

  • Forensic Pathology
  • DNA Analysis
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Computer Forensics and the Use of Digital Evidence
  • Firearm and Pattern Evidence

Trial Techniques
Be more effective in the courtroom! You will spend a day learning trial techniques from criminal defense experts. Praised by attendees each year, this interactive session will give you tips on pretrial motions, preparation for trial, jury selection, opening statements, meeting the prosecution's case, and presentation of the defense.

Video Samples
For a glimpse at past presentations, check out the demo courses at our CLE Online site.

Comments from 2008:
"Excellent! The best course I've been to"
"The Short Course program was excellent and I will attend future courses conducted by Northwestern Law"
"I encourage you to continue to keep prosecutors and defense attorneys together, a somewhat rare opportunity to interact"

History of the Short Courses
The Short Course for Prosecuting Attorneys was established in 1936 by the late Fred E. Inbau, John Henry Wigmore Professor of Law Emeritus at Northwestern Law. Professor Inbau wanted to give members of the prosecution bar the opportunity to learn about scientific crime detection, evidentiary and trial techniques and to permit an exchange of ideas. In 1958 Professor Inbau founded the annual Short Course for Defense Lawyers in Criminal Cases to provide the defense bar with the same opportunities for advanced education and professional interaction that was available to prosecutors. Now the oldest continuing legal education program in the country, the program has been held annually except for a hiatus during the World War II years.