2007-08 Projects

The senior research program at Northwestern Law is made possible through the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, who provide funds to cover expenses of empirical research projects. Below is a list of the most recent projects and faculty supervisors:

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2007-08 Senior Research Projects

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald Raghavan, Padmini Misplaced Reliance on Legal Precedent
Alschuler, Albert Davis, Robert Post-Booker Plea Bargaining
Alschuler, Albert Siekkinen, Sean
Arewa, Olufunmilayo Silbert, David The Effects of Authorized Digital Music and Copyright Law
Avraham, Ronen Kim, Daseul Economic Analysis of Nuisance Law in Civil Law Countries
Berens, Maurine Rovello, Pamela Difficulties within the Latino Community for implementing the UN Human Trafficking Protocol
Butler, Henry Siu, Pete Human Rights-related accountability measures in Corporations
Calabresi, Steve Agudo, Sarah Proportionality and the Eighth Amendment
Calabresi, Steve Aixala, Alejandro
Calabresi, Steve Cogen, Micah Unitary Executive
Cohn, Lynn Linde, Steven Lights, Camera, Arbitration: A call for the utilization of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Sports & Media and Entertainment Industries
Diamond, Shari Thomson, Sean A Re-examination of Judge-Jury Disagreement and Race
Dohrn, Bernardine Cade, Steven The EduAfro and its Impact on Brazilian Affirmative Action
Dohrn, Bernardine Pitts, Terrance From Seine-Saint-Denis to Jena: The Impact of Social Exclusion and Racial Discrimination on the Overincarceration of Youth of Color in France and the US.
Dohrn, Bernardine Solh, Mayah Women in Islam 
Dohrn, Bernardine Soung, Patricia Automatic Transfers, Construction of Youth, and Racial Justice
Drizin, Steven Simpkins, Errin Exploring Roper v. Simmons
Eovaldi, Thomas Barber, Kathleen Chapter 15 Bankruptcy & Off Shore Hedge Funds
Epstein, Lee McNeill, Elizabeth The Effect of Religion on Judging in the Federal Courts
Fifer, Samuel Gabriel, Michelle Free Flow of Information Act: The Necessity of a Whistleblower Wrongdoer Disfunction
Francis, Clinton Kang, Hyun Jong The suitability of current law to accommodate the energizing growth of meta data
Geraghty, Georgie Yang, Audrey Melting Point: Arctic Sovereignty Issues in the Context of International Oil Security
Horwich, Allan Selinger, Elias Pleading Scienter in Securities Fraud Cases
Jacobi, Tonja Dwyer Jr, Joseph Anonymity on the web: evolving regulatory schemes and the Constitution
Koppelman, Andrew Quick Schriver, Emily Free Speech and "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
Learner, Howard Lubin, Heidi Creating Incentives for Renewable Energy's Investment
Maloney, Sheila Shaps, Dana Conflict Resolution Across Different Domains
Margulies, Joseph Diamond, Chad
McGinnis, John Fenske, Daniel The Constitutional Theories of the Post Lochner, but pre-New Deal era
Nadler, Janice Lijtmaer, Martin Hindsight Bias and IL's Felony Murder Role
Pfander, Jim Hunt, Jonathan Private Act Indemnification in the Antebellum Era
Pfander, Jim Wardon, Theresa Rationalizing Judicial Review in Immigration
Presser, Stephen Bennett, Amanda
Presser, Stephen Richardson, Kimberly A Federalist Approach to the Establishment Clause: A Look at the Aftermath of Lee v. Weisman
Redish, Martin Mollen, Abby Critique on Communitarian Theories of the First Amendment: Robert Posh the Public Discourse & the Participatory Theory of Free Space
Redish, Martin Whitehead, Melissa Political Patronage and the First Amendment and Democratic Theory
Roberts, Dorothy Mitra, Jayashree History of South Asian Immigrants in the United States
Rubinowitz, Leonard Buckely, Alison Cabrini Green: A Case Study of Redevelopment Housing Policy
Rubinowitz, Leonard Harris, Zenobia Patricia Roberts Harris
Rubinowitz, Leonard Yen, Iris Pimps' Paradise?  Exposing the Ugliest Side of Prostitution
Scheffer, David Fernandes, Suneeta Second Tier Complementarity Rights
Scheffer, David Rabin, Shira
Speta, James Buxbaum, Jeremy Trepassing in Cyberspace
Speta, James Devine, Kristine Addressing the New Technological Landscape
Speta, James Rakowski, Kristin Branding & the First Amendment
Tenenbaum, J Samuel Cahill, Frances
Yuracko, Kim Berger Parker, Kristin Statutory Framework for Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Yuracko, Kim Shelenkova, Marianna Pregnancy Discrimination Against Law Firm Partners
Yuracko, Kim Stamey-White, Rebecca Gender Identity Disorders Because of Sec Discrimination
Zimmer, Michael Hall, Jacqueline