2008-09 Projects

The senior research program at Northwestern Law is made possible through the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, who provide funds to cover expenses of empirical research projects. Below is a list of the most recent projects and faculty supervisors:

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2008-09 Senior Research Projects

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald J Guy, Alan Conley was Wrong and Twombly was right: Rationalizing the Pleading Process
Allen, Ronald J Nafisi, Esfand Daubert and its Discontents
Alschuler, Albert W Devroye, Jennifer Lynn Wyatt The American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology: The Early Years
Babcock, Sandra L Palmer, Amy Plea Agreements: Relief from Extended Pretrial Detention
Baer, Simmie A Jones, Kristen-Jon Children in an Adult World: An Attempt to Even the Playing Field. Convergence of the Law and Science through Youth Specific Criminal Jury Instructions
Barron, Esther S Welch, Christopher The Convergence of Hedge Funds and Private Equity
Barron, Esther S Welch, Christopher Hedge Fund Regulation
Biehl, Julie L Eubanks, Melissa Family Engagement: Following The Path Of Delinquency
Bilz, Jennifer Kenworthey Hubenschmidt, Matthew Pragmatics and Textualism
Butler, Henry N Hillel, Jonathan Appropriate Entitlements: A Systematic Approach to the Problem of "Patent Ambushes"
Calabresi, Steven G Skarin, Kenton Unitary Executive Power in Pre-Revolutionary America
Cohn, Lynn P Garbarino, Leslie That's my Last Move.": How Mediation Impacts Parties' Decisions about their Bottom Line
Cohn, Lynn P Vandewalle, Carly Use of Native American Healing or Peace Circles in Resolving Community Criminal & Classroom Disputes
Dohrn, Bernardine Cooper, Jamie Out of the Red and Into the Gray: Puerto Rico’s Juvenile Facilities Twelve Years After U.S. v. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Dohrn, Bernardine Everett, Derrick Save the Cheerleader, Save the World: Changing our Communities through the Creative Arts.
Dohrn, Bernardine Gooden, Shauna-Kay The Rise in Violence Among Jamaican Youths
Dohrn, Bernardine Kim, Byung Kwon Legal Approach to Intercountry Adoption
Dohrn, Bernardine Podgorny, Diana Discipline through Liberty: Restorative Justice in Chicago Public Schools
Epstein, Lee Price, Peter Science In Amicus Briefs:The Case For Higher Standards
Freed, Mayer G Katerberg, Craig Lawyers in Panama
Gandert, Daniel Balderas, Rigoberto Aztlán Dispute Resolution: Ensuring Equity in Mediation for Latinos in the U.S.
Geraghty, Thomas F Palmer, John After Adjudication: Two Steps Toward Making the SDPA Consitutional
Heinz, John P Meagher, Evan The Law Is Flat: How Pressures On The Traditional Large Law Firm Business Model Will Drive Increased Offshoring Of Legal Services And Create A Generational Schism In The Legal Profession
Huestis, Lisa A Lopez, Angelica Women in the Global Industrial Labor Markets: The Development and Implementation of Legal Protections for Women in the Workforce
Kontorovich, Eugene Art, Steven An Empirical Analysis of Universal Jurisdiction, with Evidence from Piracy.
Kontorovich, Eugene Art, Steven The Cost of Conquest: An Empirical Examination of International Reaction to the Acquisition ofTerritory by Force
Kontorovich, Eugene Stabile, Nicholas The Conquer Principles
Koppelman, Andrew M M Thiagarajah, Janakan Analyzing the Supreme Court's treatment of the Public's Right of Access to the Courts: The Principle of Underenforced Constitutional Norms and the Public's Right to Government Information
Lupo, James A. English, Patrick A Call to Forbearance: How the Abigail Alliance Should Reframe the Debate on Experimental Drug Access for Terminally Ill Cancer Patients
Lupo, James A. Oddy, Catherine Narrative Therapy
Maloney, Sheila M Ahmed, Tehseen Culture & Negotiation
Maloney, Sheila M Hopkins, Cherice The Impact of Western Influence on Negotiations to Resolve International Conflicts
Margulies, Joseph Allen, Jason American Thought in Times of Crisis: The Revoluation of Guantanamo
McChesney, Fred S Gainer, David Essential Facilities and Interoperability: An Analysis of New Approaches to Single- Firm Conduct in the Operating Systems Arena
McGinnis, John O Angehr, Mark The Treaty Clause as a Solution to the Problem of International Delegation.
Nadler, Janice Derish, Julia Rethinking Interrogation Procedures for Adolescents and Children: A Comparative Solution to the Problem of Juvenile False Confessions
Pfander, James E Baltmanis, David Rethinking Bivens: Legitimacy and Constitutional Adjudication
Pfander, James E Truong, Long Offices for Sale: A History of Personal and Political Patronage in Executive and Judicial Appointments
Redish, Martin H Arnould, Matthew Beyond Historical Straightjackets and Invisible Constitutions: The Case for Principled Non-Originalist Textualism.
Redish, Martin H Feeley, Kristin Obscenity, Free Expression, and the Behavior of Democratic Government: Proposing a Regulatory-Centric Model of the First Amendment
Redish, Martin H Katt, William Taylor v. Sturgell, Procedural Due Process, and the Day-in-Court Ideal: Resolving the Virtual Representation Dilemma
Redish, Martin H Skarin, Kenton Liberal Democracy and the Concept of the State: Fashioning a Normative Approach to the State Action Problem
Reed, Stephen F Brown, Fletcher Solving Social Problems Through Legal Advice
Reed, Stephen F Williams, Benjamin Comparing Executive Compensation in the United States and Europe: Is further regulatory action needed in the United States?
Sawyer, Stephen P Merlo, Garrick Man of the People: Uncovering Machiavelli's Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Agenda
Scheffer, David J Gomez, Michael Road to Recovery: Establishing the United States' Legal Liability for Causing the Mass Iraqi Refugee Flow to Syria and Jordan
Scheffer, David J Ortblad, Vanessa The Effects of the Kadi Decision on the International Court of Justice's Right to Review Security Council Decision
Speta, James B Pelletier, Laura The Electronic Privacy Dilemma: Origins of the Problem and Proposed Rules for Alienation of Personal Data
Staudt, Nancy C Jarosch, Jeffrey Law and Policy in the Tax and Administration Law Areas
Tolson, Franita Ahmed, Tehseen No Room for Too Much Justice: The Dangers of the Current Administration's Attempt to Freeze in Place a Permanent War Status.
Yuracko, Kimberly A Krekow, Brooke Coming Soon! Equal Benefits in Missouri
Yuracko, Kimberly A Lin, Gina Kong Korea's Constitutional Court and Family Law: An Analysis of the Court's Decisions to Reform Korea's Family Law