2009-10 Projects

The senior research program at Northwestern Law is made possible through the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, who provide funds to cover expenses of empirical research projects. Below is a list of the most recent projects and faculty supervisors:

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2009-10 Senior Research Projects

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Alschuler, Albert Newman, Alexandra Ex Ante Search Protocols for Digital Search Warrants: Seeking Moderation after Comprehensive Drug Testing
Arewa, Olufunmilayo Hart, Mara FAS 157 and Hedge Funds: A Match Made in Context
Arewa, Olufunmilayo McGavin, Katherine Financial Systems and the Domino Theory:Implications for Past and Future Regulation of System Risk
Ayotte, Ken Mommsen, Anna Intercreditor Agreements: A Window into Contractualist Bankruptcy?
Barron, Esther McLarty, William Theron The Ethics And Logistics Of Entering Into Business Transactions With A Client During A Recession
Barsa, Michael Leib, Leighton A Stone Unturned: What We Talk About When We Talk About Constitutional Standing
Benshalom, Ilan Stead, Kendra Lee Realization As Progressivity—A Deconstruction of Income Taxation's Original Sin
Biehl, Julie Carter, Meghan Family Engagement Project: Empowering Families to Advocate for Youth with Mental Health Needs in the Illinois Juvenile Justice System
Biehl, Julie Haunty, Molly Cross "Juvenile Aftercare: Analysis and Best Practices"
Biehl, Julie Renwick, Heather
Bilz, Kenworthy Jaramillo, Nicolas Divining Popular Intuition: An Examination of Colombia’s Justice and Peace Law and its Capacity for Retributive Justice
Bowman, Locke Davis, Cassidey Relief for Tamms Inmates: The Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments
Butler, Henry Pixton, Robert Allan Justice Gone Bananas! Foreign Torts in U.S. Courts
Calabresi, Steven Mottahedeh, Rafi Arab Constitutions: their unique qualities and paralells to western constitutions
Calabresi, Steven Rickert, Julia Originalism and Gender Discrimination: Why Both Justices Ginsburg and Scalia Are Wrong
Calabresi, Steven Terrell, Nicholas Private Law, Legislation, and Constitutional Limitations: A Modern Hayekian Analysis of Law
Dana, David Kang, Robert
Diamond, Shari Garcia, Rocio Culture, Language, and Diversity on the Jury
Diamond, Shari Rodriguez, Raquel Controls in Trademark and False Advertising Surveys
DiCola, Peter Krohn, David Media-Rich Input Liability
DiCola, Peter Pruitt, Henry The Role of the Internet and Copyright Law in Television's Evolution.
Dohrn, Bernardine Fadeyi, Sherifat A Review of the Legislative Activity Pertaining to the Digital Divide and its Affect on Individuals and Children living in the Inner City
Dohrn, Bernardine Geva, Anat

Judicial Determination of Child Custody When a Contesting Parent Has Mental Illness

Dohrn, Bernardine Morris, Yondi Same-Sex Domestic Partnership Benefits: The Fight for Equality in the Workplace
Dohrn, Bernardine Moseberry, Brandon The Wheels on the Bus Go Round: Issues with Illinois's School Funding System
Epstein, Lee Brusca, Dana A Game of Operator: Who's Calling Whom in the Federal Appellate Courts and Why Policy Makers Should Care
Francis, Clinton Anderson, Marjorie Supporting Innovation: Creating a Medical Device Commercialization Center at Northwestern
Francis, Clinton Donnelly, Neal Corporate Governance When The Going Gets Tough: Essential Considerations And Practical Advice For Directors And Officers Of Financially Distressed Companies
Francis, Clinton McCarthy, Elizabeth Supporting Innovation: Creating a Medical Device Commercialization Center at Northwestern
Francis, Clinton Park, Sung-Pil Creation of a Heuristic Framework for Intellectual Capital Management Analysis
Gandert, Daniel Bae, Alfred My Fair Lady: The Inclusion of Intersex Athletes in Olympic Sport
Gandert, Daniel Moore, Brenden Understanding the Effects of Trust within a Negotiation
Gandert, Daniel Ronisky, Fabian American Professional Sports is a Doper’s Paradise: It’s Time We Make a Change
Horwich, Allan O'Keefe, Kevin Getting Paid for Bad Grades: A Review of the Proposed Private Liability Reforms for Credit Rating Agencies in the 2010 Financial Reform Bills
Horwich, Allan Yarbrough, Samantha Is Three A Crowd? The Role of the Courts in SEC Settlements
Huestis, Lisa Gold-Kessler, Daniel Unintended and Unanticipated First Degree Murders
Huestis, Lisa Parks, Erica Choosing a Fact Finder in Criminal Cases: Judicial Acquittal Rates in the Circuit Court of Cook County
Huestis, Lisa Tanney, Jennifer Kirby A Back Door to Individual Title IX Liability? The Implications of Fitzgerald v. Barnstable School on the Liability of Teachers and Administrators for Peer-to-Peer Harassment in Schools
Kontorovich, Eugene Brusca, Dana Unpopular Population Transfers: Defining Violations and Remedies Under Geneva Convention Article 49(6)
Koppelman, Andrew Rickert, Julia The IRS and the Secret Establishment of Scientology
Lubet, Steven Alley, Catherine An Examination of the Informant’s Role in the Criminal Justice System
Lubet, Steven Wahlheim, Emily An Examination of the Informant’s Role in the Criminal Justice System
Lupo, James Feldman, Paige Wholesome Entertainment for All the People:” an analysis of ratings and censorship in American cinema
Lutz, Karl Gulati, Neetin Structuring leveraged buyout transactions
Lutz, Karl Morrow, Robert Fiduciary Duties of Controlling Shareholders: Legal Necessity or Confused and Misused Doctrine?
Maloney, Sheila Freyman, Rachel The Power of Peacemaking Circles
Margulies, Joseph Riley, Karl
McChesney, Fred Epstein, Harry
McChesney, Fred Smolkin, Anatoly
McChesney, Fred Stone, Judd Reconstructing Copperweld: the Tension Between Corporate Formalism and Economic Substance
McGinnis, John Julian, Peter Originalism Goes Abroad: A Comparative Study of the Development of Interpretive Methods by Constitutional Courts
Pfander, James Aggarwal, Neil The Judgment Bar and Bivens - Forty Years of Misinterpretation
Pfander, James Birk, Daniel Article III and the Scottish Enlightenment
Pfander, James Bligh, Tristan “Parts of One Whole”: Incorporating State Courts into the Federal Judicial System
Pfander, James Krohn, David Interlocutory Review by Agreement of the Parties: A Preliminary Analysis
Presser, Stephen Bridges, Laura Restraining Thugocracy: What Sovereign Immunity and Natural Law really mean in the American Constitutional Tradition
Redish, Martin Fine, Livia Deconstructing the Constitutional Fact Doctrine: Determining its Constitutional Basis and Affirming its Viability.
Redish, Martin Landsittel, Susan Liberals versus Communists in the McCarthy Era: A Case Study in the Adversary First Amendment
Redish, Martin McNamara, Colleen Back to the Future: Discovery Cost Allocation and Modern Procedural Theory
Reed, Steve Caldwell, Matthew Northwestern JD/MBA Strategic Plan
Reed, Steve Kejriwal, Bharat Choosing an entity: a legal summary for entrepreneurs
Reed, Steve Pham, Huy Entrepreneurial Law: Intricacies of E-commerce
Reed, Steve Porwal, Atul Corporate Governance: Membership in the Old Boys Club
Reed, Steve Tilney, Melissa Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs
Roberts, Dorothy Agyepong, Tera The “Most Vicious and Depraved”: The Construction of African American Girls at the Illinois State Training School for Girls at Geneva
Roberts, Dorothy Barjon, Gillian Satterfield Cards Stacked Against Mothers In Child Protection: A Comprehensive Study of the Issues in the Family Defense Center's "Mother's Defense Education & Advocacy Project"
Rubinowitz, Len Clark, Matthew
Rubinowitz, Len Hasselbacher, Lee Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors from Eviction: State Legislative Solutions
Rubinowitz, Len Mooney, Elizabeth The Contract Buyers League: A Case Study of the Interaction between Social Movements and Impact Litigation
Rubinowitz, Len Saportas, Valentin Financing Entrepreneurship in Colombia Through Private Equity and Venture Capital: An Analysis of this Industry Five Years After its Legal and Regulatory Origin
Rubinowitz, Len Su, Alexander Obstacles Facing the Working Class in Chinatown, New York
Ruder, David Byun, Steve Striking the Right Balance: How to Regulate the Hedge Fund Industry
Ruder, David Douglas, Johnny A Call For Increased Funding At The Securities And Exchange Commission
Ruder, David Phillips, Jeremiah
Sawyer, Stephen Siddiqui-Mirza, Armeen
Speta, James Kalemaris, Sarah Raising Flags on Internet Piracy
Speta, James King, Kevin Personal Jurisdiction, Internet Commerce, and Privacy: The Pervasive Consequences of Modern Geolocation Technologies.
Speta, James Knapp, Kristen Internet Filtering: The Ineffectiveness of WTO Remedies and the Availability of Alternative Tort Remedies
Staudt, Nancy He, Yilei Macroeconomic Rhetoric of the Supreme Court During the Great Depression
Stilt, Kristen Gandhavadi, Swathi Islamic Family Law Reform Strategies
Stilt, Kristen Neihaus, Ross Palestine as Waqf: A False Barrier to Peace
Stilt, Kristen Rekhi, Navneeta Regulating Islamic Finance: Lessons from Malaysia
Tenenbaum, Sam Becker, Crystal A Guide to Starting a Business in Brazil
Tenenbaum, Sam Machles, Andrew Comparative Analysis of ADR in the U.S. and Israel
Tepfer, Josh Tricarico, Lynda Young & Innocent: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Wrongfully Convicted Youth
Yuracko, Kim Daniel, Lauren Women Rainmakers: The Obstacles that Hinder Female Lawyers from Turning Mist into Rain.
Yuracko, Kim Nissim, Sharon Goott Stopping a Vicious Cycle: The Problems with Credit Checks in Employment and Strategies to Limit Their Use