2010-11 Projects

The senior research program at Northwestern Law is made possible through the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, who provide funds to cover expenses of empirical research projects. Below is a list of the most recent projects and faculty supervisors:

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2010-11 Senior Research Projects

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald J Swartout, Christopher Complexity and the Nature of Rules
Babcock, Sandra L Noble, Liane Pheakdey Ngin Immigration Detention & Human Rights in the Lone Star State
Barron, Esther S Adams, Patricia Crimes of Fashion? An Analysis of the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act
Bennett, Robert William Angermeier, Vincent Dead Hand Control and Democracy: A Theoretical Framework for Disenfranchising the Dead
Biehl, Julie L Bychowski, Stephen Getting Out and Staying Out: Improving Juvenile Incarceration and Parole in Illinois
Biehl, Julie L Gillum, Bria An Analysis of the Illinois-School Based Diversion Program
Bienen, Leigh B Hanson, Christopher Out of the Shadows, Into the Courts: The Impact of Procedural and Legislative Same-Sex Rape Reforms
Black, Bernard Steven Avidor, Jonathan Building an Innovation Economy: Public Policy Lessons from Israel
Brennan, Thomas J Baca, Laura Deconstructing Obesity: Managing Incentives and Changing Outcomes
Brennan, Thomas J Brogaard, Jonathan Allen Integrating Taxes and Business Planning into Legal Studies
Brennan, Thomas J Mendelsohn, Seth Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis
Calabresi, Steven G Bates, Allison The Republican Dilemma: The Guarantee Clause, Self-Government, and the Popular Initiative
Calabresi, Steven G Vickery, Sofia On Liberty and the Fourteenth Amendment: State Constitutional Case Law Interpreting Lockean Provisos Before 1868
Cohn, Lynn Hayes, Katherine Negotiating When You've Bet the Company: Plea Bargains with the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division Criminal Program Through a Negotiations Lens
Dana, David A Gau, Joanna Mandatory Insurance: A Proposed Solution to Address Ambiguities in Comprehensive General Liability Coverage for Environmenal Damages
Dana, David A Mehta, Anjna Bring Back the Tap: Strategies to Decrease Bottled Water Consumption
Dana, David A Solow, Ryan California Water Management Challenges and Solutions: An Argument for the Simplification of Resource Ownership and Efficient Market Pricing
DiCola, Peter Charles Covington, Nakeena Brazilian Cultural Trade: the Economic Possibilities of Brazilian Cultural Industries
DiCola, Peter Charles O'Neill, Elisabeth TRIPS-Plus-Plus? The Controversy and Secrecy behind the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement's Changed International IP Regime
DiCola, Peter Charles Van Der Laan, David Arnstein Shrugged: The Dual Nature of Musical Copyright, the Unexpected Complexity of Popular Music, and the Need for Expert Guidance when Applying the Lay Listener Test
Dohrn, Bernardine Kate, Ethan Parents Behaving Badley: Whether, In The Wake of Miller-Jenkins, Public Policy Considerations Should Play a Role in Custody Decisions
Elson, John S Wang, Hua Creating Change at Chicago Public Schools for Chinese English Language Learners
Francis, Clinton William Flanigan, Michael Patents R Us: A Beginner's Guide to Prosecuting Patents
Francis, Clinton William Lafkas, John Loosening "Firm Boundaries:" The Implications of Organizational and Strategic Management Research for Antitrust Law
Francis, Clinton William McNamara, Christopher Open Source Business Models
Francis, Clinton William Newell, Omar Anthony Considerations for Developing a Successful Innovation Ecosystem to Facilitate Economic Development in Jamaica
Francis, Clinton William Sommer, Amber Breaking Barriers to Build Companies: Arab Israeli Participation in Israel's High Tech Entrepreneurship Sector
Gandert, Daniel Cobos, Evelyn Piracy Not "Forever": Bridging the Fashion Design Protection Gap in Intellectual Property for Small Designers
Gandert, Daniel Kim, Esther The NFL's Headache: Issues with California Workers' Compensation for Continuous Head Traumas in Former Professional Football Players
Gettleman, Robert W Seymore, Emily Sizing Up the ADAAA: A Bright Line Rule for Handling Obesity Claims Under the ADA
Horwich, Allan Handler, Michael The Origins, Applications, Limitations, and Future of the SEC's Anti-Indemnification Policy
Horwich, Allan McGirr, Daniel Premature, Uncertain, and Far from Perfect: An Analysis of the Impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act on the Investment Banking Industry
Kim, Young Goco, Jonell An Economic Analysis of the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Mechanism
Kontorovich, Eugene Perkel, David A Review of Ex Ante Solutions to Aguna Problems in 21st Century America
Koppelman, Andrew M Berry, Matthew
Koppelman, Andrew M Kosbie, Jeffrey Men Don't Wear Dresses: Freedom of Speech and State Suppression of Gender Nonconformity
Landeo, Claudia M Dotson, Layla Mergers, Efficiency, and Market Power in the Legal Services Industry
Lee, Andrea Zhang, Helen Software Patentability in the Information Age: A Post Bilski v. Kappos Investigation with A New Solution
Lupo, James Farkas, Fruma Why Are Women Obligated in Some Commandments and Exempt From Others?:  The Prop Theory
Lupo, James Fleming, Abigail Of Deluge and Desolation: Metaphor and Cliché in Persuasive Authority and Judicial Decision-Making
Lupo, James Zouhary, Kathleen LAYERED INTIMACIES: An empirical view of the language that inspired the Supreme Court's shift in Lawrence v. Texas
Lutz, Karl E Ganz, Jesse Towelabunga!: Acquisition Strategy and Deal Documentation for the Stock Purchase of a Closely-Held Private Company
Lutz, Karl E Wang, Chenye The Case against Fiduciary Duties of Controlling Shareholders In Delaware
Mahadev, Shobha L Salerno, Matthew
Maloney, Sheila M Srinivasan, Tanushree An Analysis of the Negotiations Relationship Between Neighbors India and Pakistan
McGinnis, John O Caster, Brian So Unconstitutional: Thayer's Clear Mistake as Original Methods Originalism
McGinnis, John O Lipschitz, Warren Schumpeterian Industries and Antitrust
McGinnis, John O Mangas, Russell Educating the Market for Legal Services
Nadler, Janice Baca, Laura Test Scores and Civics: Charter Schools and the Conflicting Goals of Public K-12 Education
Nzelibe, Jide Okechuku Cooper, Rishard Small Island State and the Need for a Remedial Framework to Address the Effects of Climate Change
Nzelibe, Jide Okechuku Kaplan, Alisa Yonat We, too: Global Rights Norms and Conflict Duration in Strengthening Civil Liberties Under Threat
Pfander, James E Nightingale Dawson, Elana Worse than the Disease: The Anti-Corruption Principle, Free Expression, and the Democratic Process
Presser, Stephen B Deisinger, Valerie Ann Quakers, Mormons, and the Cheyenne: Historical Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution in the United States and the Press for Assimilation
Presser, Stephen B McGirr, Daniel A Bridge too Far?: Assessing the Impact of the Partial-Birth Abortion Cases, and Coming to Grips with the Consequences of Abortion
Presser, Stephen B Pace, Herbert Contracting out of Fiduciary Duties in LLCs: Delaware Will Lead, but Will Anyone Follow?
Redish, Martin H Shaub, Jonathan Children's Freedom of Speech and Expressive Paternalism in a Liberal Democracy
Reed, Stephen F Castro, Ethan JD or MBA...or Both?
Reed, Stephen F Singh, Ajay Energy Storage: Changing Landscape of Private Investing
Roberts, Dorothy E Chapman, Sarah Jane Adoption: Examination Within a Legal Morality Framework
Roberts, Dorothy E De Souza, Keita Parenting on Lockdown: Legal Barriers to Maintaining the Mother-Child Relationship While the Mother is Incarcerated
Roberts, Dorothy E O'Donnell, Rebecca
Roberts, Dorothy E Satterfield Barjon, Gillian Norman in the Face of Rising Poverty and Homelessness
Rubinowitz, Leonard S Mansfield, Alexis Moving Past the Past: Maximizing the Number of Successful Sealing and Expungement Petitions within the City of Chicago
Rubinowitz, Leonard S Norris, Laura The Return to Little Hell: The Role of the Chicago Housing Authority in the Physical Deterioration of Cabrini-Green
Schanzenbach, Max M Ihm, John Adopting US Trust Law to Korean Legal Systems
Scheffer, David J Murphy, Amanda Enforcing Corporate Social Responsibility in the Courts of Ecuador
Scheffer, David J Sorenson, Lori The Special Court for Sierra Leone: The Search for Justice and a Jurisprudential Legacy
Schenkier, Sidney I Buffmire, Edwin The (Unappreciated) Multidimensional Benefits of Rule 502(d): Why and How Litigants Should Better Utilize the New Federal Rule of Evidence
Speta, James B Armour, Courtney
Speta, James B Gamse, Nicholas The Indecency of Indecency: How Media Filter Technology Affects the Constitutionality of Content-Based Broadcast Regulation
Speta, James B Musey, J. Broadcasting Licenses: How the Traditional Property Rights Model Informs the Spectrum Rationalization Challenge & Broadcasting Licenses: Ownership Rights and the Spectrum Rationalization Challenge
Staudt, Nancy C Celestre, Francesca Sometimes Hidden but Always Present: The Second Circuit's Use of Judicial Tax Doctrines
Staudt, Nancy C Por, Daniel Introduction to Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions (A Proposed Course)
Staudt, Nancy C Wang, Chao What Have We Learned About Women's Economic Lives Since 1975?
Stilt, Kristen A Bickford, Lucy Plurality Pitfalls: Solutions To Issues That Result From The Imperfect Intersection Of Religious And Civil Marriage Laws
Stilt, Kristen A Kazi, Mansoor Adoption and Orphan Care Practices in Muslim-Majority Countries
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel Joseph, Andrew Toward a More Competitive Economy: Policy Recommendations for Israel
Tepfer, Joshua Smeryage, Colleen Litigating Confessions in the Recording Age
Tiller II, Emerson H Chan, Christina Yuiwah State Political Ideology and the Adoption of Comparative Negligence
Tiller, Emerson Kaplan, Ivan an empirical analysis of whether judges' political affiliations influence their Chevron Step 1 determinations
Wilson, Audra Warren, Hillary Assisted Reproductive Technology and Defining LGBT Parenthood in the Era of Gay Marriage
Winslow, Heather Nofal, Christopher A Field Study in Crime, Technology, and Law
Yuracko, Kimberly Walden, William FLSA.com: Updating the Retail Sales Exemption
Yuracko, Kimberly Pyo, Brooke Answering "Why" Before Getting To "How": Justifications for Protecting Appearance and Why They Matter
Zulanas, Lisa Fitterer, Jason Standardizing Mediation Confidentiality