Bar Loans

Terms and conditions of bar study loans include:


  • Borrower is already eligible for federal student loans
  • Borrow for the cost of the bar exam registration and administration only for one state
  • Most likely this will result in an increase in the federal Graduate PLUS loan
  • Disbursement is electronically sent to the school directly, applied to the student's account and can be requested through CAESAR


  • Borrow up to $15,000, depending on the lender
  • Must be creditworthy to be eligible or have a creditworthy cosigner
  • Some lenders require that you must have previous borrowing relationship
  • Variable interest rate through the life of the loan
  • Disbursements can be determined by the borrower
  • Disbursements are sent directly to the borrower. It is important that the lender has the correct address information as paper checks will be mailed to the borrower directly