Alumni Career Services

As law students, you may have frequently interacted with career services through OCI, hands-on workshops, and meaningful counseling sessions with your advisers. This support, however, continues long after graduation. The Career Strategy Center is here to bring continuing education and professional value to your life and career. We know that alumni who stay engaged with the Career Center are more knowledgeable about the legal market and therefore better equipped to proactively pursue their career goals in a strategic and comprehensive manner.

What does this look like? These are just a few of the ways in which we serve our alumni:

Individual Counseling
Alumni can reach out to Michelle Jackson, Director of Alumni Advising in the Career Center, with any career-related questions. She has recently worked with alumni on a variety of topics such as preparing a career plan; what to do when you are ending a clerkship; how to transition from public to private sector; how to negotiate salary and benefits; how to write a targeted resume and cover letter for a particular practice area or market; and how to find non-traditional career paths. Michelle can also connect you with other experts to help address your questions.

Career Enhancing Programs
As a result of ongoing environmental scanning of our alumni, we’re creating programming on essential career development topics that are top-of-mind for our various alumni groups. Events include a webinar on building your professional brand and a panel during Reunion Weekend on making strategically-timed decisions at critical points in your career. Plans are in the works for seminars on strategies for moving in-house and best practices for those seeking to re-enter the profession. Programming will be offered in both live and digital on-demand formats.

Career Space Plus
Recent alumni know that we have an online website for information and resources for students called Career Space. We are in the process of developing Career Space Plus. This new site, exclusive to Northwestern Law alumni, will offer dedicated resources to help you build connections and contain key information, such as advice from consultants and recruiters.

We will also offer opportunities to connect alumni with one another and help them engage mentors and advocates along the way. To learn more about Northwestern Law's innovative approach to alumni career services or to set up a counseling appointment, please email Michelle Jackson at or call (312) 503-4676. Lifelong support means that we want to know what’s important to you and help you achieve your ideal career outcomes. Wherever your career path leads, we are here to walk the journey with you!