Summer Business Intern Program

Designed to help first- and second-year students gain practical experience within an active corporate legal environment, Northwestern Law’s Summer Business Intern Program has two distinct levels of student exposure and business participation.

Full-time Summer Business Internship

This program is designed for a company to engage a first-year JD student (or perhaps a second-year JD). The student participates in the program five days a week from mid-May through mid-August for up to twelve weeks. This student becomes an actively supervised member of the company’s legal department or other interested business unit and is capable of taking on extended projects/assignments. Although the primary benefit of the program to the student is experiential rather than monetary, a weekly commitment of $500 is requested to cover basic living expenses.

Part-time Summer Corporate Counsel Practicum

This program is designed for JD-MBA students who continue to take classes in the summer, including the Corporate Counsel Practicum taught by adjunct professor Pete Wentz, a former general counsel. As part of the practicum, students work in corporate legal departments one day per week for eight weeks beginning the third week of June. These students can assist with short-term projects either in the legal department or in a business unit. The goal of this program is for students to gain a fuller understanding of the role of the corporate counsel within a company. Since the course is taken for credit, compensation is not permitted.

Also, a company may combine these programs whereby a JD-MBA student would be available to work full-time for the first six weeks of the summer, and then part-time (without compensation) once the Corporate Counsel Practicum begins. At that point, they can continue one day a week for the duration of the Practicum.

Business Law

Business law is one of the main foci of Northwestern Law’s curriculum and we offer the opportunity for our students to take several jointly-listed courses at the Kellogg School of Management. About 10% of our JD students—almost 25 per class—are enrolled in our exceptional, integrated three-year JD-MBA Program. Additionally, well over 90% of our students enter Northwestern with at least a year of work experience; 75% have two or more years and many of our students have worked in professional business settings in consulting, investment banking, technology and real estate, to name a few.

The vast majority of our graduates start out in business-oriented law firms and many move on to corporate environments, which is why it is increasingly important for our students to expand their experience in the business arena. Our Summer Business Intern Program will present interns who are highly motivated to gain exposure to actual legal and business challenges. In turn, you will provide them with a much better understanding of the client, helping to make them more effective legal advisors.

For more information about the Summer Business Intern Program, please contact David Diamond, assistant dean for Career Strategy.