Logos for Student Organizations

Student organization websites must contain the "official" student organization logo which can be downloaded below. Click on the images for a larger size. Groups may not use any other Northwestern logo, modified or unmodified. If used, the group will be asked to remove them. The logo should be linked to the Northwestern Law homepage.

If you need a logo in a different size or have questions, please the web team at law-website@law.northwestern.edu.

For Web Use

Two Color For Web Student Org Logo

Two color


For Print Use (high resolution)

Two Color For Print Student Org Logo

Two color (preferred)

One Color For Print Student Org Logo

One color

When a student organization website is set up, send the URL to law-website@law.northwestern.edu. Please include your student organization name with a one to two sentence description. We will add this information to the student organizations listing.