Student Opportunities

Connect with our diverse student body to raise your profile on campus and enhance recruiting. Go beyond OCI to form strategic partnerships and customize programs that enhance your recruiting efforts. Expand your reach Law School-wide or target specific student organizations and affinity groups. Sponsorship is an effective recruiting tool whether you're looking for 1L specific events, diversity focused programming, or opportunities aimed at particular topics or practice areas (transactional, litigation, pro bono, etc).

1L Recruiting

Law 101: Exploring Practice Areas
September and October

Our two most popular career panels of the year. Law 101: Exploring Practice Areas presents two panels: Introduction to Litigation and Introduction to Transactional Law. Each panel covers a variety of topics–a typical day in the office, qualities every attorney should possess, the transition from associate to partner–and provides a great opportunity for attorneys to give our students a peek into life and work at their firm.

1L Networking Reception

Join us for our annual 1L networking reception and further connect with the first year class. Featuring a networking expert, this reception teaches and enhances our first year students' professional networking capabilities. After the networking presentation, your attorneys have the opportunity to meet our students and discuss their practice areas as our students practice their networking skills. Each year's program sells out and this year's promises to do the same as we only accept five firm sponsors. So get on board early!

Academic and Professional Excellence Workshop Series (APEx)
Throughout the Fall semester

APEx workshops are interactive lessons designed to meet students' academic needs, build core professional skills and demystify the process–oriented aspects of law-school learning. Show your commitment to scholastic professional development, increase your firm's name recognition and be part of this dynamic series of programs.

Etiquette Dinner

So much of business occurs in social settings it is critical to know etiquette skills not taught in the classroom. An etiquette professional guides our students through the proper etiquette for formal dining interviews while in law school as well as for networking engagements once they start their legal careers. Support our etiquette dinner and show students your firm means business in and out of the office.

Take A Break: Exam Breaks
December and April

Get your name in front of every student at the Law School by sponsoring an exam break. During these breaks, students congregate to re–fuel with snacks and drinks, relax in a massage chair, and take a break from the stress of exams. Your name will be associated with all that is good when you sponsor an exam break. All student and 1L–specific breaks are available.

Preparing 1Ls for Practice: Lawyer as Problem Solver

Interested in meeting 1Ls before the OCI process? Sponsor LPS and meet the class of 2016 in their first year while they are forming opinions and perceptions of the legal community. Utilizing hands–on exercises to bring key principles to life, LPS focuses on oral & written communication, interviewing, negotiation, dispute resolution, ethics, creativity, coalition–building, teamwork and leadership. Did we mention this is a mandatory event for 1Ls? That's right, all 200 of them will be waiting and ready to meet and mingle with you and your lawyers.

Day at Northwestern Law (DANL)

Meet the class of 2018 before they get to campus! As a sponsor you'll be among the first firms these students meet when deciding where to start their legal careers. These students choose between Northwestern and the other top law schools so you're able to differentiate your firm earlier and touch these students first whether they go to Northwestern or another top law school where you recruit.

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Diversity and Wellness Initiatives

The Emotionally Intelligent Lawyer Workshop

As various recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, Crain's Chicago Business and the National Law Journal have illustrated, emotional intelligence is being increasingly recognized as an important factor in an individual's success in the law and business worlds. Emotionally intelligent lawyers are able to learn from their experiences, have the capacity to adapt successfully in the face of challenging or threatening circumstances, and ultimately reach peak performance. They can manage the moment, perform under pressure–filled circumstances, work effectively under a deadline, and bounce back effectively from adversity or losses as they happen. The Emotionally Intelligent Lawyer Workshop is designed to help Northwestern Law students develop the essential skills and knowledge necessary to stay poised under pressure and find joy in their legal career by avoiding many of the common pitfalls that lead to lawyer unhappiness. Send one of your attorneys to speak on a panel about emotional intelligence and resiliency and how your firm cultivates successful lawyers.

Loan Repayment and Financial Literacy Program

Show your support for our students' financial well-being by sponsoring this new program. To help students face this difficult economy and begin their financial planning, this program presents a panel of young alumni, representing different legal career paths, to discuss their successful post–graduation financial management strategies. In addition, a financial planning professional will present a seminar on loan repayment strategies followed by one–on–one counseling sessions.

Martin Luther King Day Celebration/DREAM Committee

Emphasize your commitment to diversity and support our MLK Day celebration. Each January, Northwestern Law and the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine partner to organize a Martin Luther King Day Celebration. Past key speakers have included musician Stevie Wonder, author Angela Oh, and poet Bryonn Bain. All classes are suspended from 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. to honor Dr. King. This event is widely attended each year by members of the Northwestern University Chicago campus community.

Global Village

Join the biggest law school party of the year and highlight your interest in diversity! Global Village brings together approximately 800 students, staff, and faculty to enjoy a night of food, drink, music and entertainment. Set up as a cultural fair, over 30 tables represent different regions and countries and exhibit their unique culture and cuisine. The event is a collaborative effort between JD and LLM students, a majority of Northwestern Law student groups, and the international programs offices. Continue to showcase your commitment to diversity and sponsor Global Village.

Diverse Admit Day (DAD)

DAD is a two–day event for all admitted diverse students to get better acquainted with Northwestern Law and see why it's the place to go for law school. As a sponsor you'll be among the first firms these students meet when deciding where to start their legal careers. The prospective students attending are choosing between Northwestern and other top law schools. Get a jump on the competition and market yourselves to the very students you'll later recruit regardless of which top law school they choose. Members of our diverse student groups serve as volunteers at the event and are on–hand to mix and mingle.

Wellness Day Celebration

Show our students that you care about their entire well–being and that health and wellness are valued at your firm by sponsoring this new program fusing psychology and lawyering. The Wellness Day Celebration is Northwestern Law's celebration of the ABA–sponsored National Mental Health Day for lawyers and law students. Multiple events will be held throughout the day, including panels on various wellness topics and yoga and meditation classes. The Wellness Day Celebration and other Northwestern Law wellness programs are designed to help students thrive in high pressure situations, to cultivate their emotional intelligence, and to provide tools to decrease stress and boost concentration.

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Student-Led Programming

Legal Journals
Second– and third–year law students are responsible for Northwestern's six scholarly legal journals, and members are selected on the basis of grade point average and performance in a writing competition. If you are interested in gaining access to these students, or if you want information on how to get involved with journal symposia, please contact the Office of Firm and Corporate Relations.

Northwestern Law Review
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (JCLC)
Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business (JILB)
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy (JLSP)
Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property (JTIP)
Journal of International Human Rights (JIHR)

Student Organizations
More than 40 student organizations are active on campus and have developed out of students' academic and recreational interests. Each organization hosts programming and events on topics relevant to the group and welcome firm and corporate sponsorship.

For information on how to get involved with a particular student organization contact the Office of Firm and Corporate Relations. Find a list of current student groups.

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