Trust and Estates [Executive LLM]

This course involves the study of (a) the law of intestate succession; (b) the law of wills, including execution, revocation, will contests, problems arising from changes in circumstances after execution, problems involving the use of will substitutes, problems of will interpretation, and marital property rights as a limitation on the power to devise; and (c) the law of trusts, in both its functional and technical aspects, including the essential ingredients of a trust, its creation and termination, formal requirements, the nature of a beneficiary's interest, the special features of charitable trusts, and some significant problems of trust administration.

Catalog Number: PPTYTORT 841E

Course History

Spring 2011
Title: Trust and Estates
Faculty: Lindgren, James T. (courses  |  homepage)
Section: 81     Type: Lecture     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 30     Actual: 0