Decision-making, Leadership and Teamwork

This course focuses on providing social science tools useful for solving organizational problems, and managing the actions of individuals, groups, and organizations. It helps prepare law students in their future role as managers in legal organizations. Decision Making Under Uncertainty - expected value; confirmation bias; availability bias; overconfidence; framing; motivated reasoning; escalation of commitment Judgments in Social Context - egocentric bias; fundamental attribution error; halo effects; self-fulfilling prophecy Social influence - framing messages; commitment and consistency; minority faction influence Social Networks - social capital; reciprocity; optimal structure Motivating performance - measureable and achievable goals; motivation theory; reinforcement; perceived control; extrinsic v. intrinsic motivation; equity theory; myths about pay Negotiation Introduction/Review - compromising v. logrolling; Pareto efficiency; strategic misrepresentation Leadership - determinants and consequences of leadership styles Managing Teams - team structure; selection considerations; building trust and collaboration; leveraging team members - expertise Use and Abuse of Authority - compliance; organizational roles; social proof; diffusion of responsibility Course is restricted to Accelerated JD students.

Catalog Number: LAWSTUDY 694
Practice Areas: Legal Profession and RegulationLegal Skills Development

Course History

Spring 2011
Title: Decision-making, Leadership
Section: 10     Type: Lecture     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 15     Actual: 28