Patent Litigation Involving Non-Practicing Entities

The course will focus on patent holders who do not practice their patent. Discussion topics will include business models of patent holders, litigation strategies of cases involving non-practicing entities, arguments for and against non-practicing entities, and various law reform proposals relating to non-practicing entities. The course is intended to give students a greater understanding of the fundamental concepts and issues of patent litigation. Another objective of the course is that students learn some practical patent litigation skills that will aid them in their transition to successful attorneys. A technical background is not expected or required for Patent Litigation Involving Non-Practicing Entities. However, it is required that students have previously taken Patent Law. Pre-requisite: taken Patent Law. Evaluation Method: Seminar paper, participation in classroom discussions. Class Materials: I will assign various articles and portions of articles and government reports for reading and discussion.

Catalog Number: PPTYTORT 629

Course History

Fall 2013
Title: Patent Litigation Involving Non-Practicing Entities
Faculty: Schwartz, David A.
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 14