Law and the Creative Industries

This year's seminar will focus on the music industry. Specific topics will include: new business models; the legislative history of the Copyright Act (including provisions designed to assist certain business models); policy responses to the rise of unauthorized file-sharing; critiques of the expansion of copyright law; and the licensing of digital samples in the music industry. The primary area of law that we will study is Copyright, but the seminar will also briefly touch on Communications Law, Contracts, and the First Amendment. Recommended Background It is strongly recommended, although not required, that students enrolling in the seminar have taken or have enrolled simultaneously Intellectual Property (PPTYTORT 650) or Copyright Law (PPTYTORT 652). Some of the reading material will give students an overview of the relevant aspects of copyright law, but students without either of the aforementioned courses should expect to do extra reading as part of their term-paper research to learn the necessary background. Required Books - Greg Kot, Ripped - Jessica Litman, Digital Copyright - William W. Fisher, Promises to Keep - James Boyle, The Public Domain - Other assignments can be accessed through Westlaw, Lexis, or the web Grading - Class Participation 20% - Research Paper 80% Research Paper Each student must complete a research paper on an active legal controversy in either the music industry or an industry facing related issues of law or policy. Topics must fall under the umbrella of the course topic and will be chosen in consultation with the instructor. Students may submit either 2 or 3 drafts of their term paper to satisfy either the 2- or 3-draft writing requirement. In other words, you must submit at least 2 drafts but may opt to submit 3 drafts. Thus, all students will be entitled to fill out the Seminar Credit Form to receive 3 credits for the course rather than 2.

Catalog Number: PPTYTORT 648
Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Practice Area
Additional Course Information: 1 Draft degree req may be met with class ,  3 draft degree req may be met with class

Course History

Fall 2010
Title: Law and the Creative Industries
Faculty: DiCola, Peter C. (courses  |  homepage)
Section: 1     Type: Seminar     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 15     Actual: 14