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The following Web sites contain information about public interest jobs as well as links to other public interest sites. You should review the Northwestern Law Public Interest Job Search Handbooks and also schedule a meeting with the Career Strategy Center’s Public Interest Advisor to discuss your job search strategy.

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A searchable database of jobs and volunteer opportunities, as well as listings of public interest organizations around the country. Northwestern pays dues for unlimited use by its students and alums. Instructions for registering are on the site.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association
Lists positions in civil legal services, defender organizations, pro bono and public interest organizations, prublic interest law firms, and academia.

Public Policy Handbook
Specific information regarding career opportunities available in the public policy arena.

Action without Borders
This site has a database of jobs and volunteer opportunities, both law-related and other, with more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations in more than 160 countries. It is searchable by subject, country, type of position, and other categories.

Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)
Click on the "Agencies" link for a list of leading public interest agencies in Chicago.

Firms Sponsoring Split Summers (pdf)

Roll Call Jobs
This site features jobs in government affairs, lobbying and other positions with organizations that do lobbying and other work with the federal government.

Foundation Center Job Corner
The Foundation Center’s Job Corner contains a database of job openings in foundations, corporate grantmakers, grantmaking public charities, educational institutions and other nonprofit organizations. It is searchable by type of employer and region.

This site contains listing of jobs available in Chicago-area non-profit organizations.

National Fair Housing Advocate
This site list positions with organizations and governmental agencies dealing with fair housing issues.

Equal Justice Works
EJW seeks to support and mobilize the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice. Members of the Northwestern Law Community should start here before accessing this website.

Summer Job Survey Database


Government Honors and Internship Handbook
This site contains information on federal government honors and summer programs for lawyers and law students. Northwestern pays a fee for our students to access the site.

Public Policy Handbook 2011-2012
Specific information regarding career opportunities available in the public policy arena.

USAJobs "Working for America" - Most federal jobs are listed on this site.

Opportunities in Public Affairs (OPA Jobs)
Positions in Government Affairs, Legislation, Public Policy, Research, Programs and Administration in the Washington, DC area and nationwide.

National Association of Attorneys General

U.S. Department of Justice Legal Hiring Programs

PSLawNet State and Local Government Employment Resources by State

Prosecuting Attorney web sites

New York City Government Jobs

Roll Call Jobs
Lists jobs in lobbying and government affairs.

Opportunities in Public Affairs
This site lists opportunities in government and public policy positions, primarily in Washington DC.


Can search organizations, jobs, fellowships and internships (paid and unpaid) throughout the world. Has better coverage of some countries than others.

Finding and Funding International Public Service Opportunities
Information for law students about international opportunities, including an extensive list of helpful websites.

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
Weekly listing of gender-related vacancies; often includes human rights jobs.

Communication Initiative
Website designed to facilitate communication among development professionals (legal and non-legal). Vacancies are listed at the link above.

DevNet Jobs
Job listings in the development field, including many related to human rights and humanitarian work. Membership is required to view some listings. Free newsletter.

Foreign Policy Association
Website and also weekly jobs newsletter.

Human Rights Jobs
Some jobs open to all, others are for members only.

Human Rights Resource Center
Links to numerous job pages at NGOs and inter-governmental organizations.

Job listings in public service, including human rights positions throughout the world.

One World
Job listings in public service, including human rights positions throughout the world. Similar to

Lots of field positions are advertised here for mostly humanitarian and some human rights jobs.

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
Theoretically the ICTY's jobs are listed on the main UN site, but this is not always the case.

United Nations

Jobs with the UN and International Organizations
A great quick summary of opportunities with the UN.

UN Development Program
Some rights-related jobs

Information on UNDP Leadership Development Program

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Theoretically the High Commissioner's vacancies are all listed on the UN site, but in reality there are often jobs here that are never posted to the main site.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Information on external vacancies and international professional roster.

Some rights-related jobs.

American Bar Association Rule of Law Programs

Center for International Environmental Law

Center for Reproductive Rights

Global Rights

Human Rights First

Human Rights Watch

International Center for Transitional Justice

International Committee of the Red Cross

International Crisis Group

International Rescue Committee

Open Society Institute

Private Public Interest Law Firms

Private Public Interest and Plantiff's Firm Guide (pdf)

Pro Bono

American Bar Association Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service

Illinois Pro Bono

Pro Bono Institute

Corporate Pro Bono

PILI Pro Bono Initiative

Public Interest/Job Guides

Northwestern Law Public Interest Handbooks

Public Interest Speciality Job Guides
Guides to various public interest fields, including Children's Rights, Immigration, and U.S. Attorneys' offices, prepared by Harvard Law School.

Prosecutor/Public Defender Guide

Government Career Guides

Call to Serve a partnership between the Partnership for Public Service and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

PSLawNet International Resources

PSLawNet Career Central