Summer Global Intern Program

Each year, Northwestern Law provides the opportunity for several first- and second-year JD students to work abroad with one of our LLM or JD alumni. As a global intern, you get first-hand global legal experience in private law firms or legal departments of businesses in other countries.

The program is designed to provide participants with practical exposure to the international legal practice of a law firm or corporation. Now, more than ever, our graduates face global and cross-border issues in their future legal practices and careers no matter where they are located. To be effective in the legal services industry today, you need to be able to work on cross-cultural teams and to work cross-jurisdictionally.

Our Summer Global Intern Program is designed to provide you with the opportunity to gain exposure to the different legal, cultural, and business challenges faced by firms and companies cross-border. Your employer will provide you with a much better understanding of the different ways legal problems can be approached, helping to make you a more effective legal advisor.

Our internship program was inspired by Mario E. Pacheco LLM '04 of Pacheco, Odio & Alfaro, Costa Rica, who approached us seeking an ongoing summer intern from Northwestern Law for his office in Costa Rica. We felt that it was such a great idea and such a wonderful opportunity for students that we decided to increase the number of opportunities by reaching out to our LLM and JD alumni working abroad.

Program Details

  • Designed for JD students after their first or second year.
  • Interns work five days a week from mid-May through mid-August for up to twelve weeks.
  • Participants become actively supervised members of the employer’s firm or legal department.
  • Although the primary benefit of the program to students is experiential rather than monetary, the Law School asks the employer for a commitment to pay a stipend to cover basic living expenses in the employer’s home country. (Travel, benefits, and other costs would be the responsibility of the student.)

For more information about the Summer Global Intern Program, please contact David Diamond, assistant dean for Career Strategy, 312.503.0661.