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VOLUME 103 • ISSUE 1 • WINTER 2013

Criminal Law

The Innocent Defendant's Dilemma: An Innovative Empirical Study of Plea Bargaining's Innocence Problem
Lucian E. Dervan & Vanessa A. Edkins, Ph.D. 1

"Dearest Property": Digital Evidence and the History of Private "Papers" as Special Objects of Search and Seizure
Donald A. Dripps 49

Predisposition and Positivism: The Forgotten Foundations of the Entrapment Doctrine
T. Ward Frampton 111

Vulnerability and Just Desert: A Theory of Sentencing and Mental Illness
E. Lea Johnston 147


An Empirical Assessment of Corporate Environmental
Crime-Control Strategies

Sally S. Simpson, Carole Gibbs, Melissa Rorie, Lee Ann Slocum, Mark A. Cohen & Michael Vandenbergh 231


When Innocent Defendants Falsely Confess: Analyzing the Ramifications of Entering Alford Pleas in the Context of the Burgeoning Innocence Movement
Sydney Schneider 279

Disparities in Postconviction Remedies for Those Who Plead Guilty and Those Convicted at Trial: A Survey of State Statutes and Recommendations for Reform
Rebecca Stephens 309

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