This award was established in 1996 to honor the teaching excellence of adjunct faculty members. A winner is selected each spring by second-year, third-year, and graduate students.

Recipients Academic Year
Steven Elrod 2012-2013
Ruben Castillo 2011-2012
Leonard Riskin 2010-2011
Judge Ruben Castillo 2009-2010
John Hines 2008-2009
Hon. Ruben Castillo 2007-2008
Howard Nagelberg 2006-2007
Rick Levin 2005-2006
Howard Nagelberg 2004-2005
Howard Nagelberg 2003-2004
Richard I. Levin 2002-2003
Richard I. Levin 2001-2002
Richard I. Levin 2000-2001
Richard I. Levin 1999-2000
Dennis A. Ferrazzano 1998-1999
Dennis A. Ferrazzano 1997-1998
Dennis A. Ferrazzano 1996-1997
Dennis A. Ferrazzano 1995-1996