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February 2015

Ronald J. Allen is the author of Ignoring Issues of Morality or Convicting the Innocent: Is Capital Punishment a Good Idea or a Bad Idea?, at 47 Texas Tech Law Review 199 (2014).

Herbert N. Beller is the author of The Tax Section Distinguished Service Award: Twenty Years of History, at 68 Tax Lawyer 41 (2014).

Steven G. Calabresi & Gary Lawson are the authors of The Rule of Law as a Law of Law, at 90 Notre Dame Law Review 483 (2014).

John O. McGinnis is the author of Why Progressives Mislead, at 25 No. 1 City Journal (Winter 2015).

Stephen B. Presser is the author of Samuel Chase, at The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of the American Enlightenment 210-211 (2015).

Martin H. Redish is the author of Rethinking the Theory of the Class Action: The Risks and Rewards of Capitalistic Socialism in the Litigation Process, 64 Emory Law Journal 451 (2014).

Max M. Schanzenbach is the author of Explaining the Public Sector Pay Gap: The Effect of Institution, Skill, and College Major, forthcoming in the Journal of Human Capital . Max M. Schanzenbach & Ronen Avraham are the authors of The Impact of Tort Reform on Intensity of Treatment: Evidence from Heart Patients, at 39 Journal of Health Economics 273 (2015).

David J. Scheffer is the author of Amicus Curiae Brief of David J. Scheffer in Support of Appellants, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Balintulo et al. v. Ford Motor Co., International Business Machines Corp., General Motors Corp., No. 14-4104(L) (Feb. 4, 2015).

Helene S. Shapo, Elizabeth Fajans, & Mary R. Falk are the authors of Writing for Law Practice, 3d ed. (Foundation Press 2015).

Juliet Sorenson and Shannon Galvin are the authors of Unvaxed and Confused, at U.S. News & World Report (Feb. 11, 2015).