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April 2015

Deborah L. Borman is the author of Fast Track Your Mindset: Engineering Confidence and Streamlining Feedback for Full Steam Success in Legal Practice, at 49 University of San Francisco Law Review  40 (2015).

Anthony A. D’Amato is the author of Anthony D’Amato Responds, at 108 American Journal of International Law 715 (2014). Anthony A. D’Amato is the author of Groundwork for International Law, at 108 American Journal of International Law 650 (2014).

Shari Seidman Diamond is the author of Juries, at International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Ed., 907 (Oxford: Elsevier 2015).

Zev Eigen is the author of When Rules Are Made to Be Broken, at 109 Northwestern University Law Review 109 (2014).

Tonja Jacobi is the author of Criminal Innovation and the Warrant Requirement: Reconsidering the Rights-Police Efficiency Trade-Off, at 56 William and Mary Law Review 759 (2015).

Joshua Kleinfeld is the author of Crime, Punishment, and Solidarity, forthcoming at 129 Harvard Law Review __ (2016).

Andrew M. Koppelman is the author of Nonexistent and Irreplaceable: Keep the Religion in Religious Freedom, at 142 Commonweal, Apr. 10, 2015.

Steven Lubet is the author of Let Us Pour Some Cold Water on That California Sunshine, at Chicago Tribune, Apr. 6, 2015.

John O. McGinnis is the author of Public Choice Originalism: Bork, Buchanan, and the Escape from the Progressive Paradigm, at 10 Journal of Law, Economics and Policy 669 (2014).

Leonard L. Riskin is the author of Beginning with Yes: A Review Essay on Michael Wheeler’s The Art of Negotiation: How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World, at 16 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 605 (2015).

Daniel B. Rodriguez & Nadav Shoked are the authors of Comparative Local Government Law in Motion: How Different Local Government Law Regimes Affect Global Cities’ Bike Share Plans, at 42 Fordham Urban Law Journal 123 (2014).

David J. Scheffer is the author of False Alarm about the Proprio Motu Prosecutor, at The First Global Prosecutor: Promises and Constraints 29, Martha Minow, Cora True-Frost, & Alex Whiting, eds. (University of Michigan Press, 2015).