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May 2015

Bernard Black, David A. Hyman, Charles Silver, & Myungho Paik are the authors of Does Tort Reform Affect Physician Supply? Evidence from Texas, at 42 International Review of Law & Economics 203 (2015).

Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet, John T. Baker, Terre Rushton, & James H. Seckinger are the authors of Cranbrooke v. Intellex: Case File (NITA, 3rd ed. 2015).

Steven G. Calabresi & Michael W. Perl are the authors of Originalism and Brown v. Board of Education, at 2014 Michigan State Law Review 429.

David Dana & Nadav Shoked are the authors of Public, by Necessity, at 13 Seattle Journal for Social Justice 341 (2014).

David D. Haddock is the author of The Relevant Theory of Irrelevant Externalities: Buchanan, Coase, and Pigou, at 10 Journal of Law, Economics & Policy 689 (2014).

Andrew Koppelman is the author of Six Overrulings, at 113 Michigan Law Review 1043 (2015).

Steven Lubet is the author of “Did This Acclaimed Sociologist Drive the Getaway Car in a Murder Plot?,” at The New Republic (May 27, 2015). Steven Lubet is the author of “Pamela Geller Is Not ‘Morally Responsible’ for the Terrorist Attack in Texas,” at The New Republic (May 7, 2015). Steven Lubet is the author of “Ethics on the Run,” at The New Rambler (May 26, 2015).

John O. McGinnis is the author of “Staging Scalia,” at City Journal (May 25, 2015).

Martin H. Redish is the author of The Right of Publicity and the First Amendment in the Modern Age of Commercial Speech, at 56 William and Mary Law Review 1443 (2015).

Juliet Sorenson is the author of “A Voice from the Past Rings True 86 Years Later,” at Lincoln (Neb.) Journal-Star (May 26, 2015).