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December 2014

Bernard Black , Vladimir Atanasov & Conrad Ciccotello are the authors of Unbundling and Measuring Tunneling , 2014 University of Illinois Law Review 1697.

Deborah L. Borman is the author of The Millennials Challenge: Equalizing the Values Triad in Professional Identity Formation, at The Learning Curve 2 (Winter 2015).

Steven G. Calabresi is the author of On Liberty, Equality, and the Constitution: A Review of Richard A. Epstein's The Classical Liberal Constitution, at 8 New York University Journal of Law & Liberty 839 (2014).

Shari S. Diamond, T.C. Cook & T.Y. Tang are the authors of Causally Valid Relationships That Invoke the Wrong Causal Agent: Construct Validity of the Cause in Policy Research, at 5 Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research 379 (2014).

Steven A. Drizin, Laura Nirider, Bradley Hall & John R. Minock are the authors of People of the State of Michigan, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Kadeem Dennis White, Defendant-Appellant, at 30 Thomas M. Cooley Law Review 369 (2013).

Joshua B. Fischman is the author of The Economic Perspective on Sentencing, at 46 Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal 345 (2014).

Andrew Koppelman is the author of Left-Evangelicalism and the Constitution, reviewing The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution by John W. Compton, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2014, Pp. 272, $45.00, at 128 Harvard Law Review Forum 1 (2014).

Steven Lubet is the author of Scalia’s Torture Debacle: Why the Right Scarily Keeps Missing the Point, at Salon (Dec. 16, 2014).

John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport are the authors of An Originalist Future, at 15 Engage: Journal of the Federalist Society Practice Groups 34 (2014). John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport are also the authors of How to End the Government Shutdown Option, at Wall Street Journal (Dec. 29, 2014).

David J. Scheffer is the author of Amicus Curiae Brief of David J. Scheffer in Support of Appellants’ Opposition to Petition for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, John Doe I, John Doe II; John Doe III; individually and on behalf of proposed class members; Global Exchange v. Nestle, U.S.A., Inc., Archer Daniels Midland Company; Cargill Incorporated Company; Cargill Cocoa, No. 10-56739 (Dec. 19, 2014).

James B. Speta is the author of Unintentional Antitrust: The FCC's Only (and Better) Way Forward with Net Neutrality After the Mess of Verizon v. FCC, 66 Federal Communications Law Journal 491 (2014).

Deborah Tuerkheimer is the author of Confrontation and the Re-Privatization of Domestic Violence, at 113 Michigan Law Review First Impressions 32 (2014) and available on SSRN.