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November 2014

Bernard Black, Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Vikramaditya Khanna, Woochan Kim and B. Burcin Yurtoglu are the authors of Methods for Multicountry Studies of Corporate Governance: Evidence from the BRIKT Countries, at 183 Journal of Econometrics 230 (2014). Bernard Black, David Hyman, Myungho Paik, William Sage, and Charles Silver are the authors of To Sue Is Human: A Profile of Medical Malpractice Litigation (forthcoming 2015 from Yale University Press). Bernard Black, David Hyman, and Charles Silver are the authors of The Economics of Plaintiff Side Personal Injury Practice, forthcoming in University of Illinois Law Review (2015) and available on SSRN.

Thomas J. Brennan and Andrew W. Lo are the authors of  Dynamic Loss Probabilities and Implications for Financial Regulation, at 31 Yale Journal on Regulation 667 (2014).

Allan Horwich is the author of Insider Trading and Regulatory Overreach, at San Francisco Daily Journal, Nov. 20, 2014, at 8.

Martin H. Redish and Jennifer Aronoff are the authors of  The Real Constitutional Problem with State Judicial Selection: Due Process, Judicial Retention, and the Dangers of Popular Constitutionalism, at 56 William & Mary Law Review 1 (2014).

Nadav Shoked is the author of  The New Local, at 100 Virginia Law Review 1323 (2014).

Michael Waterstone is the author of Legends of the Legal Academy: Paul Steven Miller: A Life of Influence, forthcoming at Journal of Legal Education, Volume 64, Number 3 (February 2015) and available on SSRN.

Kimberly A. Yuracko is the author of  Values at Work: How Sex Discrimination Law Moved from Joke to Juggernaut in 50 Years, at 48 Valparaiso University Law Review 885 (2014).