Daniel F. Spulber

Professor of Law (Courtesy)
Research Director of the Searle Center for Law, Regulation and Economic Growth
Elinor Hobbs Distinguished Professor of International Business
Professor of Management Strategy

Selected Publications

  • The Theory of the Firm: Microeconomics with Endogenous Entrepreneurs, Firms, Markets, and Organizations (Cambridge University Press 2009).
  • Networks in Telecommunications: Economics and Law (Cambridge University Press 2009) (with Christopher S. Yoo).
  • Should Business Method Inventions be Patentable? in 3 journal of legal analysis 265-340 (Spring, 2011).
  • The Quality of Innovation and the Extent of the Market in journal of international economics (2010).
  • Discovering the Role of the Firm: The Separation Criterion and Corporate Law in 6 berkeley business law journal 298-347 (2009).
  • Innovation and International Trade in Technology in 138 journal of economic theory 1-20 (2008).

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