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Colloquy 2011

  The Crime Victim's Expanding Role in a System of Public Prosecution: A Response to the Critics of the Crime Victims' Rights Act [pdf] [citation]   Paul G. Cassell & Steven Joffee 2011-1
  The Demise of "Drive-by Jurisdictional Rulings" [pdf] [citation]   Howard M. Wasserman 2011-3
  So How Did We Get Into This Mess? Observations on the Legitimacy of Citizens United [pdf] [citation]   Alexander Polikoff 2011-4
  Scribble Scrabble, the Second Amendment, and Historical Guideposts: A Short Reply to Lawrence Rosenthal and Joyce Lee Malcolm [pdf] [citation]   Patrick J. Charles 2011-6
  Dodd-Frank, International Remittances, and Mobile Banking: The Federal Reserve's Role in Enabling International Economic Development [pdf] [citation]   Colin C. Richard 2011-7
  The Constitutional Politics of the Tea Party Movement [pdf] [citation]   Richard Albert 2011-8
  If We Have an Imperfect Constitution, Should We Settle for Remarkably Timid Reform? Reflections Generated by the General Phenomenon of "Tea Party Constitutionalism" and Randy Barnett's Particular Proposal for a "Repeal Amendment" [pdf] [citation]   Sanford Levinson 2011-9
  The Tea Party, the Constitution, and the Repeal Amendment [pdf] [citation]   Randy Barnett 2011-10
  Can Popular Constitutionalism Survive the Tea Party Movement? [pdf] [citation]   Jared Goldstein 2011-11
  The Tea Party Movement and Popular Constitutionalism [pdf] [citation]   Ilya Somin 2011-12
  State Law Holocaust-Era Art Claims and Federal Executive Power [pdf] [citation]   Jennifer Anglim kreder 2011-14
  Do Violent Video Games Harm Children? Comparing the Scientific Amicus Curiae "Experts" in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association [pdf] [citation]   Deana Pollard Sacks, Brad J. Bushman & Craig A. Anderson 2011-15
  Unconscionability Wars [pdf] [citation]   David Horton 2011-17
  How Goliath Won: The Future Implications of Dukes v. Wal-Mart [pdf] [citation]   Suzette M. Malveaux 2011-18
  A Pro-Congress Approach to Arbitration and Unconscionability [pdf] [citation]   Stephen E. Friedman 2011-19
  The Obama Administration's Decisions to Enforce, but Not Defend, DOMA § 3 [pdf] [citation]   Robert J. Delahunty 2011-20
  When May a President Refuse to Defend a Statute? The Obama Administration and DOMA [pdf] [citation]   Carlos A. Ball 2011-21
  The Irony of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School v. EEOC [pdf] [citation]   Caroline Mala Corbin 2011-22
  Rethinking Extraordinary Circumstances [pdf] [citation]   Scott Dodson 2011-23
  Hosanna-Tabor and Supreme Court Precedent: An Analysis of the Ministerial Exception in the Context of the Supreme Court's Hands-Off Approach to Religious Doctrine [pdf] [citation]   Samuel J. Levine 2011-24
  Sacrificing Quantity for Quality: Better Focusing Prosecutors' Scarce Resources [pdf] [citation]   Stephanos Bibas 2011-25
  Physician, Heal Thyself: Discretion and the Problem of Excessive Prosecutorial Caseloads, a Response to Adam Gershowitz and Laura Killinger [pdf] [citation]   Josh Bowers 2011-26
  Act III of the Ministerial Exception [pdf] [citation]   Paul Horwitz 2011-27
  Religious Freedom, Church–State Separation, and the Ministerial Exception [pdf] [citation]   Thomas C. Berg, Kimberlee Wood Colby, Carl H. Esbeck & Richard W. Garnett 2011-28
  Religion and Race: The Ministerial Exception Reexamined [pdf] [citation]   Ian Bartrum 2011-29