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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 102, Issue 4

Volume 102, Issue 4

  "To Encourage Settlement": Rule 68, Offers of Judgment, and the History of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure [citation]   Robert G. Bone 1561-1622
  Labor, Luck, and Love: Reconsidering the Sanctity of Separate Property [citation]   Shari Motro 1623-1666
  Reputation Nation: Law in an Era of Ubiquitous Personal Information [citation]   Lior Jacob Strahilevitz 1667-1738
  The Original Meaning of "Unusual": The Eighth Amendment as a Bar to Cruel Innovation [citation]   John F. Stinneford 1739-1826
  The Impact of Computers on the Legal Profession: Evolution or Revolution? [citation]   Richard L. Marcus 1827-1868
  Navigating the New Politics of Judicial Appointments [citation]   David R. Stras & Ryan W. Scott 1869-1918
  In Search of "Refinement Without Exclusiveness": Inclusionary Zoning in Highland Park, Illinois [citation]   Laura Nirider 1919-1952
  An Unredeemed Promise: How Courts Can Prevent Offensive Collateral Estoppel from Undercutting the Policy Goals of Amended Federal Rule of Evidence 408 [citation]   Elias C. Selinger 1953-1986
  Antitrust Issues Raised by the Emerging Global Internet Economy [citation]   David S. Evans 1987-2008
  "Too Plain for Argument?" The Uncertain Congressional Power to Require Parties to Choose Presidential Nominees Through Direct and Equal Primaries [citation]   Richard L. Hasen 2009-2020
  Human Rights and Globalization: Putting the Race to the Top in Perspective [citation]   Holning Lau 2021-2034
  Heller's Future in the Lower Courts [citation]   Glenn H. Reynolds & Brannon P. Denning 2035-2044