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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 103, Issue 3

Volume 103, Issue 3

  Iterative Federalism and Climate Change [citation]   Ann E. Carlson 1097–1162
  Executing Retributivism: Panetti and the Future of the Eighth Amendment [citation]   Dan Markel 1163–1222
  A New E.R.A. or a New Era? Amendment Advocacy and the Reconstitution of Feminism [citation]   Serena Mayeri 1223–1302
  Understanding Post's and Meiklejohn's Mistakes: The Central Role of Adversary Democracy in the Theory of Free Expression [citation]   Martin H. Redish &
Abby Marie Mollen
  Policing Politics at Sentencing [citation]   Stephanos Bibas,
Max M. Schanzenbach,
and Emerson H. Tiller
  Collegial Ideology in the Courts [citation]   Frank B. Cross 1399–1426
  Guaranteeing a Federally Elected President [citation]   Kristin Feeley 1427–1460
  Finding Space for Opposing Consciences: Rehabilitating the Moral Marketplace for the Emergency Contraception Debate [citation]   Jeffrey Paul Jarosch 1461–1494
  An End Run Around a Representative Democracy? The Unconstitutionality of a Ballot Initiative to Alter the Method of Distributing Electors [citation]   Nicholas P. Stabile 1495–1526
  The Lecture Notes of St. George Tucker: A Framing Era View of the Bill of Rights [citation]   David T. Hardy 1527–1540
  St. George Tucker's Lecture Notes, the Second Amendment, and Originalist Methodology: A Critical Comment [citation]   Saul Cornell 1541–1552